Misophonia Trigger: Spoon Biting

by | Jun 9, 2014 | Triggers | 4 comments

Misophonia Spoon
Misophonia Spoon

Spoons: Evil

Misophonia Rating: 10/10

This one really sets me off…

The chap I sit next to has soup for lunch most days. Soup can be a tricky one to deal with because of the slurping, blowing sounds that normally go with it, but his technique really sets me off.

When he eats his soup he clamps his mouth around the spoon and you can hear his teeth clinking against the metal. Combine this with the swallowing sound that follows each mouthful and I’m in trouble.

The other tricky thing about this one, is seeing the repetitive movement for each mouthful (misokinesia). I get extremely stressed out seeing the soup pot held aloft and the spoon going from pot to mouth every few seconds. It plagues the corner of my eye.

There’s not really a way round this one, he’s a lovely, sensitive guy. I just have to wait it out each time. The problem is, while it’s happening there’s very little you can do.

Writing this post during the worst of it provided some small relief, perhaps because it forced me to focus on another aspect of the sound (of describing it).


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  1. Alison

    I burst into tears just reading the title of this post! I thought it was just me. Spoon against teeth = panic/rage/physical pain in head and ears. Spoon clink + repetitive spoon-to-mouth = a kind of trauma. Add the clicking of the spoon against the bowl and I start to dissociate, almost faint in order to cope. I can’t believe there are other people out there who have this… I’ve been alone for 40 years and today I have a name for this thing, and a whole bunch of people who understand.

    • Allergic to Sound

      You are absolutely not alone! The spoon biting/clanking/banging is definitely in my top 3 triggers.

  2. Ruby

    I have heard of spoons clinking and clanking on teeth and could never figure out how it happens. What part of the spoons hits what part of the teeth!

  3. louis C

    I’m glad I found this, my fiancée has started doing this. Only in recent months. It’s driving me nuts and really not sure if this is my issue and I need to deal with it: or if I should tell her she’s biting the spoon, quite aggressively. I don’t want to cause an argument but I also don’t want to be married for 20
    Years and the spoon become the straw the breaks the camels back!


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