Misophonia in Film and Television

Scenes from film and television where there appear to be subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) references to misophonia. If you’ve come across a scene that deserves to be featured, let us know here

Misophonia in Film

Phanthom Thread (2018) is Paul Thomas Anderson’s dark and evocative journey into the clipped, controlled world of Reynolds Woodcock, a fictional couture designer in 1950’s London. Mr Woodcock’s character is a testy perfectionist (and not very likeable at the best of times). This breakfast scene is one of the best representations of misophonia (intentional or otherwise) in film.

Love & Mercy (2014) is Bill Pohlad’s beautiful Beach Boys biopic. It follows Brian Wilson’s troubled childhood and his disorientating, overwhelming battles with mental health. People with sensory processing disorder or misophonia will identify with this dinner scene. The incessant, all consuming clanging of cutlery on plates building and driving him over the edge.

Misophonia on TV

After Life: Series 1 (2019) is a pitch black comedy from Ricky Gervais (warning: contains mega-swearing). His character, Tony, is recently bereaved and is fed up with life and humans in general. In this scene Tony’s triggered by a man eating crisps in the background. His monologue is something most of us experience in our heads in these moments. I don’t think there’s much acting needed here.

After Life: Series 2 (2020) Another classic misophonia scene from Ricky Gervais’s black comedy (warning: contains mega-swearing once again). In this scene Tony has been dragged along to a meditation class by his brother-in-law. He endures a barrage of snorts and slurps from the teacher before it all gets too much and he has to leave the class in barrage of swears.