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    This forum thread is about research into misophonia, sensory processing disorder and misokinesia. If you want to discuss current research findings, upcoming research or research you’d like to take place, this is the place to do it!

    You can find misophonia related papers here:

    Past and present research
    Essential reading (This is the paper that brings together all the big studies and is essential reading if you haven’t read it already)

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    A particular sound has been bothering me I can control my reaction but it is intense. Water being outed from. A canaster to a cup. Like from a pitcher ; I am not sure what the issue is I believe it’s the idea that this sound of water out a pitcher into a glass should not be happening in the office just a resteraunt. Why is there a pitcher of water next door to my office at work. Don’t Knoe but I thought I’d google it. I have workers through the food eating noises because I am sure I am not a quiet eater as it’s not possible

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    Lawrence Shenton

    Simple this you can be convinced of anything by yourself or others. This happened to me and I thought is it rational and then it didn’t. If you think somebody is being against you then you will become upset. If you don’t think that you wont become upset.

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    Lawrence Shenton

    If you can’t convince yourself it’s not upsetting then you need time away from the upsetting thing and time away from the thing reinforcing the thought process that it’s upsetting.

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    Lawrence Shenton

    If necessary use headphones with something that distracts your attention is the main thing for a while.

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