Misophonia Trigger – Bags on Wheels

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Misophonia Trigger - Luggage Wheels
Misophonia Trigger - Luggage Wheels

He will find you and eat your brains

Misophonia Rating: 6.5/10

One word: zombies.

It’s the sound of someone pulling a bag on wheels, luggage, even a pram behind you.

Wheels relentlessly scrape on pavement or gravel and the constant droning noise seems to get louder and faster until it suddenly feels as if they’re all around you.

It feels like you’re being pursued by the undead.

It panics me so much, that when I hear it I either have to let the person/zombie pass or – and this is what normally happens – dart across the road at warp speed to get away from it.

I’ve put down a slightly lower misophonia rating down for this one. Even though it drives me insane, the is more one that builds and builds until it becomes unbearable, rather than instant meltdown.

If I hear someone slurping soup my misophonia zooms off the scale straight away, whereas with the zombie-wheels-along-pavement sound I get annoyed… and then upset and then angry until it’s too much.

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