Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome (Misophonia) in a Patient With Tourette Syndrome

by Apr 27, 2016Research3 comments

Matthew Neal, M.D., Andrea E. Cavanna, M.D., Ph.D.

Excerpt: “… Given the phenomenological similarity with other subjective symptoms commonly reported by patients with TS (e.g., sensory tics or premonitory urges, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, “not-just-right” experiences, etc.) there is the possibility that systematic screening for misophonia in TS might reveal a pathophysiological association.”

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  1. Laura (Laurance)

    I just read the report on Misophonia and Tourettes. It says that “As far as the authors are aware, this is the first documented case of misophonia reported by a patient with a diagnosis of TS.” This was written in 2013.

    (Raises hand) Me, too! Over here! Tourettes Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, mild intermittent OCD. It’s been a little over four years since that report was written, will be five years this coming winter.

    Has anything else been discovered in this time? Surely there aren’t only two of us…

    • Allergic to Sound

      Hi Laura, amazing!

      Why not write to the team conducting the research and find out?

      • Laura (Laurance)

        That’s a good idea. I went looking and found an email address that might work.


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