Misophonia: a disorder of emotion processing of sounds

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Sukhbinder Kumar, Olana Hancock, Thomas Cope, William Sedley, Joel Winston, Timothy D Griffiths


“Sounds of chewing, breathing, keyboard typing are considered by most people as ‘normal’ sounds and are ignored as background sounds in everyday listening.

However, for a group of people these sounds are not only distracting but also evoke a strong feeling of anger accompanied by an urge to escape from the situation producing these sounds.

This condition, marked by sensitivity to a selective group of sounds, was given the name “misophonia” (hatred of sounds) almost a decade ago…

The objective of the current work was to check the consistency of profile of symptoms and trigger sounds in a population of subjects with misophonia.”

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  1. Lea

    I am unable to listen to repeated sounds; if a song is playing and the words or segment of tune is played over and over again I have the turn it off or leave the room. If I can’t do either of these things I have to cover my ears as it becomes real torture. If people stir a cup of tea constantly I want to grab hold of their hand and stop them, in fact any sort of repeated sound is hell for me.
    I lose a lot of sleep at night as my husband often breathes through his mouth and begins to make a popping sound as his lips open and close. Even if I am in a deep sleep this will awaken me and it is impossible for me to sleep while he makes this noise. It makes me very angry when I am constantly woken up like his but I don’t want to have to sleep in a separate bedroom as we love to be close to each other.


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