Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is Effective in Misophonia: An Open Trial

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Schröder, Vulink, van Loon, Denys

Summary: “Misophonia is a psychiatric disorder in which ordinary human sounds like smacking or chewing provoke intense anger and disgust. Despite the high burden of this condition, to date there is no evidence-based treatment available. In this study we evaluated the efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and investigated whether clinical or demographic characteristics predicted treatment response…

Ninety patients with misophonia received eight bi-weekly group CBT sessions. Treatment response was defined as a Clinical Global Impression – Improvement Scale (CGI-I) score at endpoint of 1 or 2 (very much or much improved) and a 30% or greater reduction on the Amsterdam Misophonia Scale (A-MISO-S), a measure of the severity of misophonia symptoms…

Following treatment 48% (N=42) of the patients showed a significant reduction of misophonia symptoms. Severity of misophonia and the presence of disgust were positive predictors of treatment response.”

Conclusion: “This is the first treatment study for misophonia. Our results suggest that CBT is effective in half of the patients.”

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  1. Colleen Kane

    Hi! My name is Colleen and I am 24 years old. I have been living with Misophonia since about 6 years old. I’ve recevied Misophonia therapy over the last year but am really wanting to participate in a study to further the research of this unique condition. I would love to have any resources or suggestions that Misophonia Internaional might have for getting involved. I will be living in Spain for seven months and would be interested in going to the Uk for an ongoing study if the opportunity arises. I have grown to not feel hopeless with this condition, but it definitely took me awhile to get here. This is a serious condition that can lead to isolation, self harm, and a feeling of dread for everyday life. It can ruin relationships and careers. It can lead to suicidal thoughts. The important thing is, with the right help and coping skills, people can have fruitful and fullfing lives! Misophonia does not have to take over. But I know how powerful it can feel. It can be dangerous and I hope that this type of research continues to excel to help those living with this condition. I am fortunate to have gotten help but I know that many individuals who suffer do not even know that this is a real condition. Thank you for all of the work you do!! I hope to be in touch.


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