Misophonia in After Life (Series 1)

by | May 7, 2020 | Misophonia in TV & Film | 3 comments

After Life: Series 1 (2019) is a pitch black comedy from Ricky Gervais. His character, Tony, is recently bereaved and is heavily depressed and fed up with life in general.

In each episode he unleashes his scorn on the everyday. In my opinion, Ricky Gervais almost certainly has misophonia (you only have to listen to the way he speaks about people noises in interviews).

In this scene Tony is triggered by the man eating crisps in the background. His monologue is something most of us experience in our heads in these moments. I don’t think there’s much acting needed here!

N.B. If you’re offended by swearing this one’s not for you. Also (like all of these) this contains triggers so you might want to have the sound low or be ready to stop the video if you find it too much.

What did you make of this scene? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Shane

    Yes, yes, yes. These thought do go through my head (and often quietly under my breath).

  2. Julia

    Yes that crisp cruncher would annoy me , as do car horns, balloons popping, any sudden load noise really.I know everyone jumps a bit at them but I jump because I’m startled and my brain freezes ,that’s the only way I can describe it. It’s like being physically punched in the face. But my worst and I think most debilitating reaction is to background music.I like music ,I sit and listen to music, but I can’t have a conversation or work or do anything that requires concentration when the radio is on. And if it’s loud I just can’t cope at all,have to leave shops,restaurants etc if loud music playing.

  3. Patricia

    OMG Ricky has totally nailed it! The anger and fire that riles up when I’m hearing someone loudly masticating! like seriously!?!?! Do you need to publicise the fact that you’re eating? Can you hear anything beyond that noise? Cause I CAN’T!!!!!


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