Misophonia on This Morning Television

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Misophonia in the Media | 3 comments

This Morning Television (First Aired, 18/02 2021) Presenters Ruth Langford and Eamonn Holmes discuss misophonia in this 12 minute segment on UK daytime television (ITV).

Ruth has misophonia and her husband Eamonn struggles to grasp it (warning: there are some triggers at the start as Eamonn teases Ruth). Features Clinical Psychologist, Dr Florian Vogt and guest Michelle who also has misophonia.

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The Motor Basis for Misophonia

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  1. Bart

    Sorry, but he is just being a jerk. Ruth, I’m sure you could do better than this Neanderthal.

  2. Holly Krauel

    Wow! I’m so sorry this sweet lady has to live a man who cannot get past himself enough to accommodate some of her grievances. He actually said “I have to live with this” and “this is my life”. I’m heartbroken by that. Your life? Imagine that you get to walk away from whatever “annoys” you and feel better. Us misophones never get to walk away from it. It’s torture everywhere we go and with everyone we meet. There is NO getting away from. That is OUR LIFE! Ugh! Compassion goes a lonnnng way with this issue.

  3. Edwin Roestenburg

    I take it the scene was setup somewhat, and hubbie is more compassionate than he shows in this video. It does, I think, a nice job projecting the way ‘outsiders’ think of misophones.

    Hi, I’m Edwin and have been a misophone since my early teens (well, probably longer, but it manifested itself around my 13-14th I think). With 40 years of ‘experience’ I could write a book on the topic, but the space here does not permit.

    However, I do have something that I believe is valuable for you all: CBT has benefits in almost all cases!! It does however require effort and willingness. I’ve undergone therapy in the Netherlands, and I’m very happy I did.


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