Upcoming Webinar 21/05/19: “Parenting Your Misophonia Child or Teenager”

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misophonia webinar

Are you a parent of a child or teenager with misophonia and sound sensitivity?

The folks over at Misophonia International have just announced a new webinar.

This will be a valuable introduction to misophonia, current research, coping skills and management. It has been designed to help parents understand possible accommodations for their children.

Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout who leads the webinar is the mother of a misophone and has misophonia herself. She is also one of the leading advocates in the field having tirelessly campaigned on our behalf for over 20 years.

The details:

Date and Time: The webinar takes place May 21st at 7:30PM EST (a recording will be available for 1 week afterwards for those who can’t attend the above time and date)

What the webinar will cover: This event is an online webinar that covers misophonia research, the basis of misophonia, and how parents can help their kids/teens cope with misophonia. Specifically it will cover:

  • MISOPHONIA RESEARCH: Learn about past, current, and upcoming misophonia research including the misophonia literature review and on-going misophonia studies.
  • RELATED DISORDERS: Learn about how misophonia may or may not relate to other disorders such as: autism, sensory processing disorder (SPD), ASMR, anxiety, and OCD.
  • THE BASIS OF MISOPHONIA: An introduction for parents, practitioners, and sufferers on the basic knowledge of misophonia, including who can help with misophonia.
  • MANAGING MISOPHONIA: Learn how to manage your child’s misophonia and adapt so that they can cope at home, school, and in other aspects of their lives.

Cost: $75 per family.

Location: Online Via Zoom (you’ll find a download link on the registration page)

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