Closed: Online Misophonia Survey for Newcastle University

by | Jan 24, 2021 | Blog, News | 4 comments

New Study: Misophonia and Social Cognition

There is a new misophonia study by Newcastle University underway.

This one aims to look at misophonia in a broader context and how it links to aspects of sufferers’ life and psychological well-being.

This includes social anxiety, mimicry, empathy, and bodily awareness.

As ever, fellow misophones, they could use your help!

If you have a moment please take part in the survey by clicking on the link below:

Please note: Survey Now Closed

Information about this survey:

  • It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete
  • It’s open to anyone with misophonia (wherever in the world you are)
  • The study is strictly in accordance with data protection and ethics regulations so your personal data will be highly secured (a mandatory requirement by all UK universities)

Your help in taking part is always much appreciated.

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  1. Susan Ewbank

    My problem is my neighbours slamming shut external doors from 5am for a dog then continuing.
    Everything was ok until they got a dog 3 years ago, now my whole life revolves around whether I’m going to hear a door slamming shut, or not.
    I have been prescribed risperidone by a psychiatrist as it was thought I was imagining it, but I’m not the noise is very real.
    The medication on top of antidepressants and a sleeping tablet I’m already taking has the effect of drugging me.

    • Sally Cannell

      Wow, i am 50 and have suffered with this for years, didnt know there was a name for it! I agree with what you have said, I used to live where I had no one living above me but had to because of physical problems with stairs. I know live on the ground floor and my upstairs neighbours drive me absolutely mad with constant noise, and with me suffering from a few mental health conditions, I thought this was that, finding out about about this word and conditions,have pinged to me in so many ways!

  2. Orcadian

    This online survey form gives an error, so one cannot sign up:

    The form Misophonia is no longer accepting responses.
    Try contacting the owner of the form if you think that this is a mistake.


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