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Misophonia Blog

I’ve decided to start a personal misophonia blog on the site.

It’s a bit of an experiment and we’ll see how it pans out, but I’ll explain my thinking.

From the emails I get from readers I know that one of the main things us misophones suffer with is a feeling of isolation.

The feeling that no-one else quite understands, or could understand, what we’re going through. That we’re battling this alone.

The good news is you’re not alone. You’re really not.

I’ve got it, my partner has it, my friends Laura and Jen have it… and many of the wonderful people I’ve met through this site have it too.


The purpose of these blog is to shoot through my own life experiences as someone with misophonia in the hope that it might help you with your own journey. To reassure you that you’re not going bonkers. That you can live with, cope with and even thrive with misophonia.

But first I should apologise in advance…

This blog will be unedited, poorly spelt and full of grammatical errors.

It will also be insufferably mundane at times. It won’t solely be about misophonia. I might talk about completely random events from my day, conversations with family and friends. Loves, loathes, fears, achievements, insecurities – the whole gamut of human existence.

I have a running gag with a friend of mine, Eoin. Every time one of us says something boring the other will squawk (in a theatrical American accent) “My god, you should totally blog about that”.

I’m doing it. I am stooping that low.

The truth is real life doesn’t come edited and airbrushed and shrink wrapped (thank goodness) and life with misophonia certainly doesn’t. That’s why I’ll try and be as candid with as you as I can. And I’d love to hear your thoughts, stories and experiences as well.

This is blog by a misophone for misophones.


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