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50% off Misophonia International Magazine

Good news misophones!

Right now the folks over at Misophonia International are offering Allergic to Sound readers 50% off the Spring edition of Misophonia International Magazine (offer closed).

Reading between the lines I’m pretty sure they’re offering this whopping discount because they consider you to be the most beautiful, intelligent and hilarious people on the planet.

Anyway, do check it out if you have a moment. These guys do a fantastic job in spreading the word and the magazine is a cracking, informative read. If you’re interested in finding out about the latest cutting edge research and getting helpful, constructive commentary from real professionals out in the field, then this is essential reading.

You can download your copy here (offer closed)

Enter the code: allergic2sound during the checkout process to get your 50% discount.

Just to be clear Misophonia International Magazine is a non-for-profit venture. The nominal cover charge goes towards their production costs. I don’t receive any kickback either – just a vague promise of biscuits if ever I’m stateside.


Here’s what’s waiting for you in the Spring edition:

Current Research Roundup
EverythingMisophonia International Magazine Will Be Ok – Jennifer Jo Brout
Miren Edelstein Interview
Art and Misophonia – Victoria MacNeil LeBlanc
Dr Linda: Rare Diseases and Stigma Interview – Rachel Abbey
Butterfly – Rachel Abbey
LeDoux Lab Study
Misophonia and Your New Job – Robert Hawkes
Update on Quiet Please – Jeffrey S. Gould
Sensory Spectacle – Beck Lyddon
I’m Allergic to You – O. Jones
Interview With Mercede Erfanian
Soundsational Product Reviews
Current Research – Stephen Porges
Coming to My Senses – Rachel S. Schneider
Miso Mommy – Marissa Clark
Sound – Kelly Bruno
A Pressing Situation – Shaylynn Hayes
Doctors as Chess Pieces – Dr Linda Girgis

You can download your copy here (offer closed)

Remember to enter the code: allergic2sound during the checkout process to get your 50% discount.

Many thanks to editor in chief and misophonia champion, Shaylynn for the super snazzy coupon:



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The Motor Basis for Misophonia

The Motor Basis for Misophonia

Sukhbinder Kumar, Pradeep Dheerendra, Mercede Erfanian, Ester Benzaquén, William Sedley, Phillip E. Gander, Meher Lad, Doris E. Bamiou and Timothy D. Griffiths Hypothesis: "... we hypothesized that the mirror neuron system related to orofacial movements could underlie...

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