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    Hi I’m 13 years old and I recently found out I have misophonia.

    I hate the sound of chewing it drives me crazy. I can’t help it. Usually I get triggered when only my mum and sister chew, other chewing doesn’t annoy me and make me angry as much as their chewing does. When eating dinner I’ll wear headphones in an attempt to drown out the sound of chewing. They don’t understand that misophonia is a real disorder and think I’m being moody and that I’ll grow out of it.

    When my sister starts mocking me and chewing louder and louder I start to cry and yell at her. I usually have to leave the room and go somewhere else. I don’t know what to do. I’m very concerned that this is only going to get worse and lead to negative relationships between myself and my family.

    It makes me angry and sympathetic at the same time whilst I read all your troubles that are very close to mine. I wish the best for others that are suffering from this problem, with love Sophie

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    Hi guys,

    I’m 16, and have been struggling with miso for what feels like decades. Although I don’t remember the exact age of onset, I think it was when I was around 6 or 7. I couldnt even list all of my triggers (although oral noises seem to always get me) because the severity of the trigger depends on who’s making what type of noise, etc.

    First off, I can’t tell you how comforting it is to read all of your posts (even the older ones) and know that I’m not alone. Covid has been both a blessing and a curse, and everything is a roller coaster. I literally can’t remember the last time I ate a meal with my family. I’m currently sitting in trying not to cry because I can’t be in the places I want to be. I’m missing out on a movie right now because I can’t stand the sound of my sister tapping on her phone.

    We are renovating, and now sound travels A LOT easier, which makes it hard to be anywhere but my room. I have been blessed with a considerate family, but now when someone offers to eat downstairs I can still hear them from our living room. I hate having to leave the room even though they’re using the same “rules” as before.

    I’m feeling really alone right now. School has been hell in the past (full if triggers and people that want to make your life worse when you tell them whats wrong). I’ve tried telling people who I thought were my friends, but as soon as I tell someone, it effectively drives a wedge in our relationship (at least on my end). If they don’t outright dismiss me or try to say they’ve been through the exact same thing, they just don’t understand. I told one friend, and she said, “it makes sense that you would have coping techniques after dealing with this.” She doesn’t understand that I can’t just calm myself down, that her chewing CONSISTENTLY and CONSTANTLY bothers me. I want to tell one of my other friends, but I don’t want to put that barrier up or contaminate our relationship. I’m always terrified someone in my family will spill the beans.

    I’m just feeling really alone right now.

    (Sorry for the long post, I had a lot more on my chest than I thought)

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    Hey Guys!!!

    I am so so happy I found this forum!

    I am 17 and I have had misophonia for quite a few years, though it definitely got worse more recently.
    I have an older sister with miso, and she would always yell when she would get triggered. My family really abhorred her for it. She was always sulking and refusing to be around us. I developed miso when she already left the house, but recalling how my family perceived my older sister’s reaction to her triggers, I made the decision to keep quite and I have never told anyone about my miso.

    I developed a bad coping skill as I wasn’t expressing my angst with my triggers, and I now pull out my hair (trichotillomania) whenever I get triggered.

    I’m just wondering if there is a cure for this???

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    Hi, I’ve been doing some reading on misophonia lately. I don’t actually know if I have it, but the more I read, the more confident I am. At first, I thought that I was just agitated due to stress or hormones or something, but it has become increasingly clear that certain triggers bother me. I thought that it was something going on with me, but now I see that other people have the same issues, and that reassures me. I can be completely relaxed and chill, then I hear a trigger sound and I want to:
    – Run away
    – Cry
    – Cover my ears/drum my fingers on my head
    – Throw something
    – Hit someone (unfortunately I am usually the only person within hitting range…)
    I’m 13 years old and I’m really glad that I’m not alone.

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    I am 16 and have miso too. I feel like I am living in hell. My trigger sounds are like every single sound in existence that people make. The mouth noises are the most painful. I legit can’t even explain the amount of pain I go through on a daily basis. Today is actually Easter Sunday and we went to visit family. I have been sitting outside in the cold and am doing so right now because somehow my family just can’t stop eating and don’t give a single f*ck about me. I constantly have breakdowns and meltdowns and I freaking can’t handle this anymore and I want to die. I feel like I am being choked or cut to death and people don’t seem to notice or care. My family knows about my condition. They just think I’m overreacting for attention and just being emotional. I freaking can’t do this anymore. This miso is being added upon the abuse that I endure daily and my anxiety/depression. I just want to be normal and feel loved. Is that too much to ask? I am living through hell every single day of my life. I feel so alone and abandoned. I need help. Please help me. I can’t do this anymore.

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    Hi Mia, and everyone else who has commented in this thread.

    I just want to say I hope you are all doing ok, you’ve got this. I totally empathise with that feeling of everything being too much and no-one understanding from the bottom of my heart. It’s SO hard but you can do this. Things get better.

    You are absolutely not alone. This is a whole community right here that has your back and understands what you’re going through.

    If you have time check out some of the coping mechanisms (many of which have come from the community) here:

    If you’re having a suicidal thoughts, please please talk to someone and let them know. Don’t bottle it up inside, get help and talk it through. Speak to a parent, teacher or professional – someone you trust right away. Nothing’s worth going to that place.

    I know parents often just ‘don’t get it’ and it can be frustrating. They can’t know what it’s like to be in your brain so they might need a little help and information about misophonia to get up to speed. Give them time and information and talk to them about it when you’re not in the midst of the misophonia as this will be when they are most receptive. Obviously feel free to send them here or to other resources (Misophonia International are also good)

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    Hey Sophie! I’m 14 and struggle from the same thing, just like you it’s difficult for me to handle eating with my family. I absolutely can’t stand the sound of chewing, unfortunately my family doesn’t understand the problem we have either. The best advice I could give you is to try to breathe through it, excuse yourself for a few minute and listen to music, and sometimes fidgeting with my fingers help. I understand what you’re going through and just know it’s not you, I often also end up crying because of the stress it brings. Remember that you telling them how it bothers you isn’t you just being “rude” or anything like that! From Sasha 🙂

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    I’ve been suffering with Misophonia since I was 15, I am now 17. My main triggers are loud chewing, my dog licking or the dog licking dishware with food on, cutlery hitting eachother and my dog eating wet food. These triggers only trigger me if it’s from one on my family members so when my friends eat loudly it annoys me but it’s nothing like when my family eat loudly. My anxiety surrounding my misophonia has meant that I cannot stay in my house without feeling extremely anxious. It causes me the inability to concentrate in the house because I’m constantly thinking about if someone is eating downstairs or if my dog is licking, and being a student doing a levels it’s causing me alot of stress. I told my family who try to avoid my triggers but sometimes they forget and they make fun of me which causing me a lot of upset. When I hear my triggers it causes me to have anxiety attacks which are followed by hysterically crying. If I’ve had a particularly bad anxiety attack about my triggers I cut myself to relieve the pain. It has gradually got worse and worse and has pushed me to the point of self harm and overdosing in an attempt to kill myself. It’s just going to get worse and worse without help but I don’t like talking about it. When I talk about my feelings all I do is cry and get myself in a state. I haven’t ate with my family for years. I cannot attend family events. For Christmas dinner last year I sat at a different table in the same room because I thought I could cope but I couldn’t and it ruined my Christmas. It ruins everything for me, I just want to eat with my family again.

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