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      I recently found out I have Misophonia. I have lived in apartments where neighbors boom music, tv, and video games at all hours. Neighbors who snore down below you. Neighbors who mow their lawn and other yard work for hours on end. I would get panic attacks if any of these noises lasted more than a half an hour. I would feel angry at the disrespect these neighbors had, then panic, and the feeling of being threatened. I was afraid to come home from work to face these noises for hours. I recently left my apartment and moved into a house where I thought I could escape the noises until I found out a neighbor next door booms bass so loud I can hear it in my walls. The anxiety and sadness with Misophonia is terrible and being around others who aren’t bothered by the noise is tough. Anyone else have noise issues with bass booming through walls or yard work being done for hours? Thank you for your thoughts.

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        Yes! I have the exact same reaction to base sounds. It a horrible assault. It makes me feel like I’m being attacked. I hear you and completely understand where you are coming from! I hope we can find help so we can be happy again.

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