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      Right now I’m just venting because I am currently crying in my room after running upstairs because my mum was yawning to much. It makes me feel so stupid that something so simple can make me feel so angry. It’s like everything tenses and my breathing gets quicker and I feel like I’m about to explode or be violent and I don’t know how long I can keep it controlled. My parents know about Misophonia and play music during mealtimes as my dads chewing is the worst and the music helps slightly as gives me something else to focus on but apart from that it doesn’t feel like my parents understand how much it effects me constantly. I’m 16 so school can be bad too. Also, one of the worst things is my mums snoring at night which I can hear from my room. I bought her some snoring nose plug things but she never wears them and whenever I close their door my dad has a go at me because it gets to hot in their room. It means I end up screaming into my pillow every night having to sleep with music as full volume which can’t be good for my ears,
      Dunno how long I can cope it’s driving me insane. Misophonia effects me wherever I go and I’m fed up. Also my dad has tinnitus and often complains about that and gets a lot of sympathy from others and people accommodate others but no one u see stands Misophonia and I wish they did! Sorry just had to vent and I think it’s helped to type this all out even if no one sees it but please help!

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        I don’t know why misophonia isn’t more well-known except that according to Wikipedia, “As of 2019 there were no evidence-based methods to manage the condition.” I guess not enough research has been done on misophonia, and not enough experiments and surveys have been taken from people who present symptoms. I found this article helpful in shedding light on the subject:

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          I feel this so much! I just got into an argument with my sister when I accidently snapped at her keyboard tapping. And then it ended up with her going back to her room to study. And it’s SOOOO frustrating because I’d love to share the room with her but my brain just snaps into overdrive as soon as I hear the sound and I can’t stop it. I’ve also explained to my family over the years what it is but they don’t seem to give me much wriggle room with how I react even tho I can barely control it. Apparently I need to grow up and let people live and I see where they are coming from but chewing noises are the worst and I often eat in my room to avoid conflict. I really hope that misophonia gets looked into more, but for now seeing I’m not alone is enough

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