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    I believe my ‘Misophonia’ is genetic as my dad had/has it and although not diagnosed the fact that he could NOT tolerate noises like ‘apple crunching,cutlery click-clack,newspaper/plastic bag ruffling’ brings me to the conclusion that he is challenged by it and as a result through having lived under his roof when I was growing up and having to comply with the ‘rules against certain noises’ which I’m sure could have passed as Government backed legislation (if he could have had his way), this conditioning has resulted now in ‘ME’ developing and being challenged with ‘Misophonia’, a condition which only came to surface whit the onset of Tinnitus.

    I’m curious to know of people’s triggers and opposing coping sounds.

    Below is my list and in brackets I’ve include the sounds which I find therapeutic.

    1. Food crunching sounds…Apples,chips,carrots.
    2. Licking fingers when eating food…Finger licking good commercials make society believe “It’s good manners to lick your fingers”!
    * My boss @ work does this and let’s just say that I have to put ear-plugs on to block out the sound.
    * Boss also burps and blows his nose throughout lunch time….such wonderful table manners.
    3. Bags ruffling…like the type heard when people are ruffling chips from a packet at the movies.
    4. Sound of food-wrapping material getting scrunched.
    Why does sandwich wrapping paper need to be sooooo loud ?
    5. Slurping sounds from drinks and/or soups
    * (I enjoy the sound of water gurgling from a fountain/waterfall and on a rainy day)
    6. Muffled voices
    7. One way phone conversations
    * (I can cope better hearing 2 people have a normal one-on-one conversation than hearing a one-way phone
    8. Low-base music
    *(I do enjoy the various sounds of an MRI-machine)
    9. Motorbike mufflers….Harley Davidson’s and Motor-bikes make my skin crawl.
    10. Loud car mufflers…specially the type you can hear disturbing the ambient peace at night as a result of hoons who think their
    cool..Just because their mufflers make a loud noise but obviously the cars more often than not don’t really go any faster than if
    they’d be fitted with a standard-muffler.
    * (The interesting fact is that I enjoy hearing the sound of Helicopter rotors and Fighter Jets, Don’t understand this).

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    My list is very small but incredibly powerful. My only trigger (that I know of) is certain types of music. With few exceptions, I find almost all modern pop music (basically anything current on the radio today), EDM (that relentless, unchanging BEAT!!! It makes me want to break something), and most hip hop, rap, and current country music (except vintage country music). I think the reason for this is that I’m hyper-sensitive to a lot of things in life overall, but especially music. Great music, like almost anything by musicians like Shelby Lynne, Hozier, Michael Kiwanuka, Kaleo, and many others, can send me into a deep state of rapture, but soulless, vapid, factory-produced crap sends me into a state of fury and disgust. It’s absolutely unbearable to me– like actual torture.

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    My triggers are:

    Ticking clocks
    Cutlery scraping on plates

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    1.nose whistling
    2.plate scraping
    3.any breathing I can hear
    Muffled talking from outside the room I’m in
    5.chewing and drinking
    6. Any normal bodily functions
    7.muffled music
    8.ruffling of papers and cans
    Now heres the weird thing. If any of these sounds are made by a pet or animal it doesnt bother me one bit :/

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