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    What do you find easy that others struggle with or find difficult?

    What fields, subject areas or niches do you thrive in?

    If your best friend, employer or teacher was to describe the one thing that you’re really good at, what would they say?

    This can cover anything: from ways of looking at the world… to how you interact with people… see the bigger picture… focus on tasks… to really detailed stuff.

    When we discuss misophonia we usually only focus on one aspect: the triggers and the negative emotions that can come with them, but those heightened senses and neurological pathways are doing a lot more than that and that’s what the focus is on here.

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    Tracey Davis

    To deal with the little sounds that drive me crazy, I sometimes try to mindfully move into the sound. What I mean by this is that if my fan is making the whosh, whosh sound I despise, I try to feel that sound, mindfully, and use it to whosh, whosh me to sleep. It works most of the time.

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    Banter. I’m quite good at making light hearted jokes with people in the office. I never go too far (try not too). Interacting with people who most people don’t bother with. These are people who aren’t necessarily ignored, but people find difficult to find something to talk about with.

    People say I have Superpower hearing as I’m the only one who can hear clicking or a phone ringing from the other side of the office.

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    Jennifer Mc

    I work in a very small office, and most of my coworkers will have little snacks at their desks. I used to wear earbuds and listen to music or an audio-book to drown out those sounds of eating that we all love so much! New office rule… NO MORE EARBUDS! Oh no! Now what? I’ve made a game of it. I try to figure out what my coworkers are eating by the sounds coming from their faces. 95% of the time I’m correct! Chips have a higher pitch… carrots sound like smashing granite… bananas (mush mush mush). I only have trouble when food is combined. I don’t know that my superpower will ever accomplish anything, but who knows? Maybe someday.

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    Sergio S.

    I have some unusual qualities (and flaws) but i’d say my superpower is my accurate hearing.

    I can often know if an electronic device is on (and where) from a weird sound many of them make. I can sometimes know if a mechanical advice has a problem from a slight change in the noise it usually makes. I’m usually the guy that tells you that *your* phone is ringing, even if it’s on vibrate, in the pocket of your coat, across the room, during a party. I was once asked to help detect the source of a gas leak, under the pavement.

    Amazing, you may say? Every day i wish i were deaf, or at least “normal”.

    This is my first post here, by the way, so hello everyone. Pleased to meet you.

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    Is anyone else’s misophonia more triggered when paired with the visual of someone chewing and smacking? It makes me feel like I need to punch something!!!

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    This is the misokinesia element. I often feel that way, it’s usually the individual that’s doing it.

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    So relieved to find this forum. My superpower is to be able to hear those cat scaring high pitched devices while walking up the street, not to mention a healthy dose of synethesia

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    My superpower is to be able to hear people whispering behind me in the back of the chapel in church even while there is music going on or while there is someone speaking at the pulpit. I also can hear people’s phones go off all the way across the room, even when they’re only on vibrate.

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    Hearing everything happening all at once and being able to hear it all or nothing at all. I can also make the thunder noise in my ears I do that to drown things out. And I can hear very high pitch and frequency sounds including electronic devices, power lines, and more

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    100% my head creates the sound

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    My superpower is both a blessing and a curse, so I will focus on the blessing part 🙂

    I can hear when something doesn’t sound right. As a musician who occasionally leads the small ensemble with which I play, this ability helps me know immediately which section is off or who has lost their place. Recently, it also helped me to realize that we had a problem with our air conditioner. It was still running, but did not sound “right”. I try to remember these benefits when my ability to stay rational starts to slip during an exposure to muffled bass from someone’s stereo, gum snapping, or some other sound that gets in my ears and won’t leave me be, lol.

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    I always know when I am getting a delivery down my long driveway. My ears tremble but also my physical body. ( my chakras have ears)
    So by ‘physically hearing’, it keeps me in touch with the physical experience of life and keeping me attuned and prepared for potential interaction or danger.
    I also have a great sense of smell. Apparently, I ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog.

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    I’m really good with children and animals, particularly shy or angry ones.

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    Lura P

    I will second “banter,” actually–I would not have considered that one, initially but yes, definitely. I would like to think I have the ability to put others at ease. Empathy is *definitely* a thing, as well in addition to an easygoing nature and a tendency to be a peacekeeper. I also have a STRONG sense of visual acuity/color perception, sharp hearing otherwise and spatial relations.
    Mom says “I didn’t even hear anybody knock…” Yeah, that’s a thing lol…
    I also could give the name of another student’s body lotion in class, I got nicknamed “super snoot”! So heightened senses in general, I guess BUT oddly enough a *lowered* pain threshold for the most part.

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