Weirdly, the sound of animals chewing does not bother me.

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      Hello everyone.

      I am misophonic. There a lot of sounds that bother me but what enrages me is the sound of someone smacking their lips together while eating. Even writing about it just now, kinda triggers my anger. I assume so far most of you can relate. BUT what I find interesting and peculiar, is that this sound only bothers me when it comes from people. When I hear my cat or dog loudly chewing and smacking their lips, not only it doesn’t bother me, but I even find it cute. Anyone else with a similar observation or am I alone here?


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        My wife is the same. Human eating noise sets her off but not the cat!

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          I’m the same way!! I’ve had misophonia for a few years now, and i found that animals and certain people dont affect me at all, i talked to a doctor and they said its normal, in the early stages of misophonia, to not be affected by ALL people, but it may eventually spread to everyone, but im not sure about animals. i guess i never thought about it.

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            Hi – I’ve had misophonia – since I was 3 years old. It started with hearing my older sister chewing gum and it bothering me (and, of course I had no idea why it bothered me).

            Today – multiple sounds bother me – to a crazy degree. Earplugs – are a must.

            Anyway – yup – the sound of my cat eating – doesn’t bother me – one bit. But, can’t stand any human chewing/swallowing sounds.

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              Me too, cannot stand chewing by humans but my dog will chew loudly and does not bother me at all. Also if my husband snores even softly I have to plug my ears but doggy can snore all day and I just think aww cute! Misophonia sufferer since I was a child, now 52 and still suffer daily.

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                I’ve had this same experience with people vs animals. Also the sound of any liquid being poured into something. It’s such a strange phenomenon and the only silver lining is that currently real research and validation is handy. Before some in my family would do it louder if I complained like I was joking. My comeback lately is to ask if they would light firecrackers next to someone who told them they have ptsd from war? Anyway, I have always reasoned that somehow animal noises are more honest and innocent than peoples’and perhaps that’s why my brain sorts their sounds differently. The only exception is when a dog starts cleaning themselves too loudly. I’m going out of my way not to use the descriptive adjectives frequently used with the definition of misophonia because, for whatever reason, even reading the words elicit the same aggressive, ill, & rage inducing feelings for me. Also the experiment to compare the MRI scans seems like absolute torture for the non-control group. Does anyone else have any other synesthetic conditions in addition to misophonia? Sometimes I can see/feel sounds; especially if I’m just about to fall asleep or very anxious; it often gives me a whole body jolt with a brilliant flash or sparkles if my eyes are closed, often it is physically painful like being slapped. I also recently discovered I have ADHD which I guess is a common comorbidity. I wonder if this has anything to do with how people with ADHD have a different sense of time; in that time is more of a feeling than something objective? The synesthesia combinations are fascinating.

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