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      Hi there.
      I live in a quiet neighbourhood with little traffic, I’ve been here for almost 3 years. My flat overlooks a crossing of two little streets.
      So the other night I woke up at around 5 am because I heard a motor bike repeatedly stop-start in the street, moving trough all four roads I can see/hear from my window. I looked out the window and it turned out to be a paper delivery person. Weird, why would he only come now and never before? I brought this up with my downstairs neighbour and she says he has always delivered the paper like that. What? How is it possible that I have never ever heard them before in all the time I’ve lived here. It has never woken me up and I have never heard it before when I was up to got to the bathroom or whatever. And guess what: now it wakes me up almost every frikken single night. I even had to start sleeping with the window closed to maximise my chances of not hearing it.
      Heck! What do I do about it?? I need my beauty sleep!!!
      Many thanks in advance for your tips.
      Good night for now…until 5 am at least

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