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      My trigger sound is crying/screaming babies and toddlers. No headphones are strong enough to drown out the sound. Any advise on how I can approach parents who seem happy to ignore their screaming toddler/babies in public? Thank you! Glad Im not alone!

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        OMG! Yes! It feels like a direct assault on my brain with hot knives! The high pitch from those bottomless little lungs cuts right through me. I know I’m guilty of throwing some very dirty looks at the parents, but other than sticking my fingers in my ears and trying to leave as quickly as possible (or pray that they do), I have no suggestions. All I can offer is sympathy and complete understanding. I am interested in any suggestions others might have.

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          I’m totally with you both here. I hate shopping because of it & can’t bear to be around screaming kids. When I do go shopping I need headphones or I’d go into total meltdown. I live in a terrace & my neighbour has 3 screeching feral kids who bounce off the walls – my ornaments & pictures rattle. Her neighbour on the other side has already spoken to her but nothing has changed – luckily the other affected neighbour has kids so noisy neighbour can’t claim “oh they’re only KIDS” or “I bet you don’t have kids do you?” which is the standard response when parents won’t/can’t address the issue of excessive child noise. Even worse I have to do a lot of long haul flights (work) and always have “demon from hell” in my vicinity – which needs a lot of talking myself through it… airlines really should move kids to a separate section of the plane & install insulation as >50% of passengers (including parents) object to the squealing. Parenting in 21st century seems like such a “sacred cow” that nobody is allowed to have an opinion on child noise, still less dare mention the issue!!

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            My neighbours have 3 little sons, very loud and mostly ADHD. When they visit us i forget to talk with people and I focus on those screaming and yealing kids. Even thou I try to be calm and focus on the conversation, I’m always being ripped off of it. It makes my day worse and I don’t want to have kids in my life as soon as they leave the flat. During shopping when i hear a screaming or crying baby i REALY NEED to leave the shop and breathe deeply for some time. It’s difficult to tell a parrent to make the baby quite. becouse IT’S A BABY so what can you do? No-win situation 🙁

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            Sarah Carrig

              I feel everything in this thread SO HARD. Tbh I thought I was the only one so it’s cool to know others exist (but so sorry you have to feel this too). It wouldn’t be safe or acceptable in EVERY situation, but on airlines I found it helpful to buy a large pair of over-the-ear headphones and then pair them with a set schedule of high density earplugs like one would use for hearing protection at a shooting range. Then turn the headphones up to their loudest setting, preferably with music that has a lot of bass tones. It drowns out *most* of the horrendous screams to a level where my body doesn’t feel like it’s being continuously stabbed.

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