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      The most happiness things we can do from suffering of misophonia is being alone with no voice disturbing at all and do what we love the most in your best calm place that u are always in. Remember this guys no matter how hard and pain we feel that others don’t feel.. Don’t give up 💪 keep going and keep trying and one day we make it. We are not alone, stay strong / stay brave and be like a beast inside u. U know there is still the great2 beast inside u that won’t give up on anything. We fight together till we win one day later. God Bless You All ❤️ Remember that.

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        Fab post. Must admit it helps knowing I’m not alone with this. Fortunately over the last few years my confidence to raise this has improved (after mentioning it to people thousands of times) so I’m coping a lot better these days touch wood.

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          My friends and daughter thought I had turned into a crotchety old woman. It seems every time I go out to lunch, the noise ends up putting me in a rage. Yesterday it was actually painful. But it helps immensely to know I’m not crazy!!
          Thank you!

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