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      I’ve tried to tell my family for years that certain sounds bother me, to the point where I actively avoid family dinners. However, my mom keep saying it’s all in my head and I’m being ridiculous. Even after mentioning Misophonia. Does anyone else have experience with this?

      Being stuck at home because of COVID isn’t helping our relationship. Thankfully I am getting my own apartment in a month so I’ll be living on my own.

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        I just told my family today and they are now laughing and making fun of me. I even showed them the actual definition of Misophonia and they still don’t believe me. Mine has gotten so much worse since COVID too.

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          I know… btw, tell them that you were just ‘testing their reactions’ and that they failed. They mgiht get subtly annoyed, so use spari ng ly

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            I’ve had misophonia since childhood (although only in the past few years found out about the term, what a relief). I remember as a kid some of my family members would make fun and not listen to my requests to stop doing xyz or making such and such sound. As I got older, I simply described what I felt as physical pain. I asked my family members if they’d cut my skin slowly. I know, a horrible thought, but I think it made them stop making fun, got them thinking it may be real and they should try not to do what bothered me.

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