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      Today my family and I went to see a movie, we got there a bit early so we were in the lobby standing there and they were eating a bit of their popcorn, notice how I said they, I wasn’t eating my popcorn because them eating their popcorn was overwhelming me. A few minuets a man came out and announced that they were now seating all movies so of course everyone charge at the hallway with the movie screening rooms, but I could see most of the people going into the same movie as us. We got there too early, because right as we were walking in the credits of the previous movie were just finishing up, and so as we sat down all you could hear is people smacking their food, coughing, chewing, and I could hear someone on my left breathing very loud (most of my triggers) and so the movie didn’t start showing for another 15-25 minutes, I was trying so hard to not cry, finally! The movie came on, I thought all was good and well until… The girl on my left started chewing on a straw 25 minuets into the movie, at this point it was very hard for me to focus on the movie. After about 15 minuets of her chewing on the straw, she pulled out her fresh pack of gum (meaning she sadly wouldn’t run out anytime soon) her chewing was so distracting, at one point in the movie I was in tears (not from the movie either), saying in my head
      “Why, why me? Why do I hate sound, why can’t everybody experience this? This is so unfair.”
      I just wanted to get up and scream
      “Didn’t your mother teach you how to fucking chew? Cause it sure doesn’t sound like it!”
      . Don’t worry I didn’t! I also wanted to get up stick my fingers in her mouth and throw all of her gum away. I don’t even know how the movie ended but I was glad it was over. I will never go see a movie in the movie theater ever again. Am I alone on this?

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        Definitely not. The pictures is the single worst place a miso could be. I haven’t been to watch a film for a good decade. I really really know exactly how you feel and empathise so much. I’ve spent entire movies humming and rocking that I had no idea what was going on, on screen. I have no advice other than avoid cinemas but you’re not alone. There’s at least two of us.

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          My son suffers from this. Many movie theaters offer headphones for the hearing impaired. If offered by the theater, this will block out the surrounding sound and allow you to enjoy the movie.

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            what a blinding bloody good idea.
            I would never have thought of that. How immersive would that be.

            I hope some folks are able to try this and it works for them. the cinema experience (The movie on a big screen and a banging sound) is such a wonderful experience it would be a shame for so many sufferers to not enjoy it.

            If the headphones works… it will be awesome.

            Doesn’t stop the eating habits of joe public, but it sure blocks them out.

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              Wow the headphones are such a good idea! Going to the movies is one of my most hated activities, which makes me sad since my college friends love to go all the time. Thank you for your help! I will have to try this out the next time I can work up the desire to go to a movie.

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                Somebody on another miso page I follow suggested the headphones too. I haven’t tried it yet, but if I ever get up the courage to go to another movie I plan to! Theaters are so miserable for me I’ve pretty much nixed it from my list of things I will ever do again. I’ve been to 1 in about the last 10 years, and I struggled to enjoy myself at all.

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                  I started to wear silcone earplugs. That way I can’t hear the surrounding sounds but can still hear the movie. I also sit up close so I am close to the speakers and not around as many people.

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