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      I have suffered (and it truly is suffering) with misophonia for around 10 years now. I cannot remember an exact point when it began, however, I believe it was around the age of 13. Back then, it was mainly sniffing and eating that bothered me to the extent that I had to get permission to wear earplugs in exams in case anyone sniffed. With eating, my dad was and still is my main trigger, I cannot even look at him or be in the same room while he is eating. Banging pots and pans and brushing teeth also came soon after as triggers, again specifically with my dad. The doctor diagnosed me with an anxiety disorder and said my emotions were due to a fight or flight response, however no mention of misophonia or any specific sound issues.

      Now in my life at 23, it is completely unmanageable. I live with my partner and have to wear earplugs every night causing me incredibly sore ears, I will have a panic attack if we are going away and I have forgotten them. I cannot sit on a train or in an enclosed space without headphones, even if I am in a group. For me, sniffing and breathing cause me to come up in a rash from stress all over my body, I will become incredibly angry and panicked and get backache.

      I began working in an office, and the sound of people typing on their keyboards drove me to tears, I had to quit my job.

      Watching people biting or picking their nails will cause me to panic and close my eyes as I cannot look.

      It is getting progressively worse, I seem to pick up new triggers all the time and I am just waiting for the next one to surface making my life even more impossible.

      I have always been open about it with friends and family and everyone is understanding and tries their best to respect my illness when around me, however, I cannot expect people to stop these normal noises all the time.

      I am just at the stage where I can no longer cope and would rather stay at home and be alone, this is just not healthy and I desperately need advice on how others have learned to manage their misophonia.

      Thank you!

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        katie, same here :-((( for me it's disaster at work, I wear headphones all the time with white noise on all the time. i feel so lonely. but staying at home is pointless. I worked from home for more than half a year and it drove me crazy this loneliness. So I'm in the office, not talking to anyone, always on white noise being weirdo , but I have no other option. 
        But what is WAY WORSE in my case ... I pick up on any repetitive sounds. So imagine in my city we have countless of ravens and pigeons. If you know how raven shrieks, than you know it is a killer trigger. And I have it non-stop and everywhere. They start at 3am now during the summer :-(
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