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    Trying to cope alone iv searched misophonia many times and think nothing more,
    Started when i was a child about 7 years old with my mam using her phone the sound of clicking buttons was getting louder and louder i bacame really emotional. From there it was every day but with more sounds like gulpsing (sound of people drinking) even the sound of eating crisps or eating in gernaral, To the point i would break down or leave the room i would get told off alot for complaing i would sit outside hide in the kitchen or lie and say i needed the bathroom just so i wasnt in the same room as them.I started putting my heanxs in my ears when my mam would use her phone or anyone would eat this made people really uncoftable they would stop eating making myself feel worse the sounds alone was making me very emotional many people picture images i can pitcure sounds and its like a eco! Years go on and i have a child of myown and the sound of her eating makes me so angery i feel so bad that i feel like this at the same time my partner snors and this as become a big problem i sleep down stairs due to the sound keepimg me up at night, making me very emotional, Angery its affecting my day to day life and becoming worse, I evern try send my daughter and partner upstairs to eat just so i dont become angery and make them uncomftable! I feel so gulity for putting my loved ones through all of this I need a Dr but sceard incase they find me stupid.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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