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      I’m thinking it would be beneficial for me to invest in some really good and comfortable noise cancelling earphones or headphones – particularly looking for ones that would work for sleeping so I can get rid of my fear of staying over with people.

      Ones I was looking at are:
      Quieton 3
      Bose Sleepbuds II

      Has anyone used these or any other ones that they have found useful?

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        I use the Flare Audio Calmer, Calmer PRO and Sleeeper. I try not to use plugs whenever possible as its good to have audio input. If you plug up all the time then when you remove them sounds are even worse, not to mention all the discomforting side effects of ear plugs overall.

        I use my Bose or Skullcandy Wireless BT earphones with frequency music/sounds as often as possible this helps TONS! Especially in the office at work, then my flares when I have to or when I am sleeping.

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        Deborah Ripoli

          I buy FLARE earbuds. They drown out the negative part of sounds though you can still hear. They work great but lately I am going crazy. I am thinking of getting ones that totally drown out noise but I will probably miss calls at work. FLARE is good though.

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