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      Greetings all

      I’m a fuel dispatcher, I work in an call center space that us like a gigantic living room, it’s a nice looking space but I don’t have a choice but to sit close to my teammates who I love personally dearly but they drive me crazy. They eat loudly or sniffle all the time including my boss. To an extent they cant help it but to another they really need to try to blow there noe but dont seem to notice how consistent it is. Nevertheless I’ve been working here for over three years now and been able to use headphones and just dealing with it not to let it get to me but what’s some schedules changes and new hired that happened affecting teammates I work with more often, the changes in the weather outside and the temperature in the building and everything getting crazy and our industry at this time of year causing a incredible amount of stress eating by everyone and a culture of eating at oned desk more times than not the sounds that bother me became unbearable. Even though I had my headphones I have to take them out to answer the phone and focus on what is being told to me and occasionally I need to have them out to hear my teammates tell me thanks combined with I work 12-hour work days it’s not healthy for me to have my headphones in as much as it increases to. Combined with work stress but even without I was ready to quit. The thing is I love my job so I thought of what can I do 10 prove the situation without quitting. One of the things to help which I must give credit to my girlfriend for mentioning was to Simply tell my boss and see if there was changes he can make I knew there were very little that’s the schedule for my area is not flexible and there’s not openings in other areas. He to my surprise really understood and respected what I said. He didnt know how much I was suffering in silence and even told me about how his son has a similar thing. Unfortunately the best he could do for me is give me assurance I can have my headphones in as much as I like without being bothered about it. Sadly this proved not to be enough as the wireless headphones I use or run out of power I need to be charged periodically throughout the day and having them in for extended. Of times what’s really annoying and hurt my ears to even one day my ear is ringing and that was going to be the final straw but I gave one last effort or more so investment to possibly make the situation better and this is what I want to share with everyone.

      I bought Sonys WH-1000X M3 headphones. They cost 350.00, add on tax and a warranty and it’s one of the most expensive things I ever bought but I was sold immediately when I try them out in the store. It was like finding eye medicine to a disease that didn’t have one for a while. These headphones half what Sony claims is the most advanced noise cancelling technology in the world right now and based on the results I’m inclined to believe them. You will notice it as soon as you put them on even without music sound around you decreases at least by half and what you can hear when you added music or even a podcast you can hear almost nothing I will put it at about 98% success rate I’m eliminating the noises that bother me when I have the headphones on. The part that really makes a difference though for me is it does it without having to play things loudly. I have the man almost six to eight hours a day at work and my ears do not hurt, also I can listen to things like podcast without sitting in fear frustration as with the other headphones if the music wasn’t loud enough or I was playing something like a podcast that isn’t either very loud or has lots of gaps and sound the sound to bother me with sneak in and ruin the whole podcast for me. The headphones also have a cool feature that allows you to test place your hand on the right earmuff and hit pause has everything and amplifies voices so you can hear if someone is trying to tap you on the shoulder to tell you something real quick and you can go right back into what you were listening to by just releasing your hand which allows me to re escape quickly. Also I can hear certain sounds I need to like my work phone, I’ve been able to be happy at work again. I can say without a doubt if I didn’t get these headphones or something just as effective I would have quit my job by now.

      My friends if you can make this investment please do and make sure to communicate ahead of time with your management and maybe even teammates how sounds bother you so they don’t assume you have the headphones in for other reasons, how expensive the headphones are so they are careful not to damage them should they touch then, and that when you have these headphones on you really can’t hear them in most situations to motion you if they need you.

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