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      I am an adult student. Yesterday, I had a full panic attack at class. I had to quickly leave the classroom and sit in the bathroom until I was able to regulate myself. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any cold water to reset myself so I spent the remaining part of the class in the bathroom trying to catch my breath. Why?

      Because the two girls begin me were clicking their pen the whole first period of class. It was non-stop as they were in sync. Then after break they had chips and popcorn. I’m not exaggerating in any way but the one girl ate the popcorn one piece at a time and put it in her mouth and chomped on it loudly. Then the other girl was biting little pieces of the chip and would take a sip out of her water bottle and crinkle it. At one point I turned around and looked at her and was going to tell her that her popcorn sounded f*(ing delicious but I got up and left the class. I didn’t hear any part of the first class as I could not focus with those two clicking away with their pen. I can’t use headphones or a sound machine as I need to pay attention in class but I can’t do this. I know this sounds irrational but I felt it was being done intentional. They don’t know me as I am new to the cohort but sweet jesus! I am anxious about attending class now. Just typing this is making me anxious and I’m getting upset.

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        Ask the lecturer to ask people to not click pens / fidget as people can’t hear?

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          Dear Bridget,
          I am a student too. Have same problem. I just open my mouth and speak about it. From the begining some people were laughing at me,but when some girl said,that she cannot tolerate when babies are crying, l a ugh was over. People don’t know if we don’t let them know. Usually there in classroom will be another person,who has the same problem,and then things get easier. I am studying Social studies and I made decision to make people aware about misophonia. There is nothing wrong with it. I am sucsessful,if I am informed and inform others.
          Good luck

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            Everyone in our family has some tendencies, I totally get you on the the pen thing. Im currently dealing with my partner playing a game behind me,,, tap tap tap tap OH my god for hours. I have to go to the woods…

            Anyhow, In a class situation, I find simply speaking up and saying excuse me, I didnt catch what you said. to the Prof. If that doesnt stop it, ask a second time Im sorry, I didnt catch what you said over all the clicking. Once you call them on it it should stop. Its a professors responsibility to maintain a classroom that allows everyone to learn in. And hugs.

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