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      I have always had trouble sleeping, falling and staying asleep. Almost any noise wakes me and for over 8 years my inlaw’s dogs, music, tv, alarms, etc, constantly went on and put me on edge and woke me from sleep day and night… Hoping for years this would change I finally got my own place but my mistake I got a townhome.. I can hear and FEEL almost everything outside my home including dogs barking, conversations, vehicles, any type of bass, etc, as well as, my next door neighbors TV’s bass at ALL hours through the walls and floors… We have spoken to them multiple times and they have turned it down but I guess at times it comes back up and we do not want to keep intruding on other’s lives.. I have tried multiple types of ear plugs, fans, brown noise, you name it but once my head hits the pillow you can literally feel it… this is also mixed with years of anxiety so ANY kind of noise usually bothers me and I am just wondering how other’s cope with trying to sleep.. or Daily function because it truly bothers me all the time… I have been trying meditation and a new therapist.. Thank you kindly 🙂

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        Hi Emaly,

        Sorry to hear what you went through.

        Perhaps you could try some rubber / silicone buffers under the legs of the bed.

        Or try creating some bass sounds of your own to drown the ones from your neighbors.

        If nothing else works, moving is also an option.


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