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      Hi everyone,

      I have misophonia, but only began opening up to my friends about five years ago. I spent much of my teens not knowing there was a diagnosis for what ailed me and once I knew, it took me several years to be open about it. It’s quite a vulnerable thing. I’m getting better at it.

      Now, I’m hoping to merge my career with something that is personal to me. I’m a documentary photographer, and I want to share stories of people who have misophonia. If you live in the NYC area and are open to sharing your experience (video or photo), I would be honored to provide the platform. The more people know, the better, right?

      Leave a comment if you’re interested!

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        Hi Annie. Just yesterday, I found out about misophonia, and I’ve been obsessed reading about it. In the process of digesting the facts in relation to my life history with this, I am very interested in helping to bring light on these issues. While I would really like to contribute, I’m also surprised to notice that being public about this would take plenty of courage. Since I am sitting here immersed in the subject, I don’t want to bail on my interest in helping. Consider me “almost” in. Feel free to be in touch if you like.

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          Hey MJ, thanks for responding! It has to be really interesting to have just found a name for what you’ve been experiencing. I remember that feeling! Regarding the piece, I can definitely shoot it in a way that obscures your identity. There are many creative ways to do that. Let me know if you’re still interested. Shoot me an email at


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            i found out about this term two days ago, and have been putting off searching it due to the intense dread and fear i felt about accidentally cominf across a visual that goes with the sound or the sound itself, so i always thought i was alone in it.
            ive tried many things to calm myself down before i knew all these tips like covering my ears, moving my hands to make white noise to deafen myself , humming, telling myself that the sound was actually pen caps or markers being closed etc! schools the hardest of all with me being surrounded by it im still trying my best now and will continue. Anyone out there who suffers from it please stay safe and aware of how bad it is surround urself with people who care and understand you!!!!!!!

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