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      I recently started college in September with a roommate who I didn’t know before this. We are not on friendly terms necessarily, and she does not know about my misophonia. However, everything she does is triggering. She chews very loudly with her mouth open, she burps, she licks her fingers loudly, breathes loudly, and she has long nails so when she scratches herself it makes a horrible sound. I know it’s not just that I’m annoyed by her because at home and with friends, those sounds bother me too but they know not to do them around me because I got uncomfortable. I don’t know what to do. She is constantly eating so I can’t just put in headphones all the time because they give me a headache and so do noise-cancelling ones. I know she probably can’t help it but it’s my room too and I hate to be uncomfortable to the point where I need to leave. Am I being too sensitive or should I talk to her about it? I don’t know a polite way I can bring it up. Thank you!!

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        Oh my goodness I can relate to you so badly right now. I started college in September too and I didn’t know my roommate either. She eats so incredibly loud and the way she chews and licks her fingers and talks to her boyfriend on skype (which she does pretty much all hours of the day) with food in her mouth and is really triggering. I don’t know what to do either. I have to leave my room all the time and camp out at the library or my lounge but that’s not really fair because it’s my room too. And I’m with you I don’t know how to bring it up either. Thank you for writing this I feel a little less alone now with being so unable to handle how my roommate eats.


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