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      Hi all,

      Firstly, my post has been pre-approved by admin. (thank you to them).

      I am a mature student (female, late 40s) in my final year of studying for a Masters in Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London. Due to my own personal experience of living with it, I am writing my final year dissertation on misophonia – a topic close to all of our hearts (and ears).

      I am looking for four to five willing individuals, to tell me their story – their personal experiences of living with misophonia and the impact of it. This would involve talking with me, face-to-face, for around two hours – to share your story with me. Information from these discussions will then be written up into a dissertation.
      To take part, you must be:

      1. Female
      2. Aged 30 – 55
      3. Have moderate or severe misophonia (self-declared)
      4. Not currently, nor have been in the previous 18 months, undergoing therapy or treatment for mental health issues or misophonia
      5. A native English speaker
      6. Able to get to Bedford/surrounding area (ideally) or London zones 1-2.

      Once you have confirmed you would like to take part, I will suggest we Skype or meet (your choice) for a chat. You can (e)meet me, learn more about the project and ask as many questions as you like. I will also show you past students’ work – so that you know the kind of information that will be written up.

      You are then free to let me know either that you would like to continue to have the longer conversation the same day, or meet another time to have it or that you no longer wish to take part. All meetings will take place in a public space or at the University – either way, it’ll be a place that you agree to.

      Good to know:
      1. Only I will know your identity – no-one else will know who you are. In my write-up, you will be referred to by a pseudonym first name of your choosing and no other personal data will be included. In this way, you will be completely anonymous
      2. Throughout this project, I am supervised closely by a senior member of University staff in the Psychology department. You are able to contact her (I will send you a link to her profile and contact details on the University’s website), to verify my identity and the veracity of this request
      3. Before being able to start this research, I first had to seek approval from the University’s Ethics Committee, to ensure that the dignity, rights, safety and well-being of all participants are the primary consideration of the research project. After submitting a detailed proposal, the Committee approved this project.

      Please let me know by email ( if this is something you would be interested in. You can ask myself or my supervisor as many questions as you like, before deciding – and indeed at any time.

      There is no payment or other type of reward for participation, and regrettably travel costs cannot be reimbursed. However, given that misophonia has only been recently recognised and that there is a relatively small amount of information and research out there, I hope that together we will add valuable insight into what living with misophonia means and how it affects our lives.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Warmest wishes,

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      Tiare de Castillo

        Hi- are you still looking for test subjects?

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