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      I went to a psychiatrist regarding my mesophonia and he has subscribed some drugs to me. They are: Stemedil 5mg, Telazine 5mg, Perkinil 5gm and Rispolux 2mg. I did some research and found out that these drugs are mostly used to treat anxiety, schizophrenia, mania, and psychotic behavior. Will these drugs help me with my issues or do nothing or make problems even worse? I really need some advice on what to do.

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      Hi SAS,

      I’m not doctor or medical professional but it sounds like he is prescribing you drugs for something completely different. Is he aware of misophonia and if not could you try to get an appointment with someone who is more familiar with the disorder for a second opinion?

      As far as I’m aware no drugs have been proven to work for misophonia as yet and if you have no other issues (outside of your misophonia) this cocktail might have a somewhat zombifying effect.

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        I have asked him if he has treated people with this condition before or not, he said he did. Now I do not know if he is lying or being truthful. Unfortunately not many psychologists are aware of mesophonia in my country. From my online research I also know there aren’t any drugs for mesophonia. But my parents are adamant that drugs will definitely help me with my problem. They are strongly trying to convince me to take the drugs by saying that my life will be destroyed if I don’t take the medicine. I am desperate to improve my condition but I dot want to worsen my problems by taking the wrong medication.

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          What situations do you struggle with?

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            I have been suffering from mesophonia around my family members only. Unfortuneately their noises are so loud that I hear them pretty well in my room. My trigger noises are mostly coughing, nose sniffing, cutlery noises, children noises, doors/cabinets being shut loudly and screeching noise of chairs being moved against the floor. My reactions to the noises are pretty severe. Sometimes its so bad that I involuntarily scream in anger. I have been telling them to manage the sounds, they say they are trying but in reality the sounds aren’t going down

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