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      I’ve been married for almost 9 years. I always have been sensitive to sounds since living with her like burping and throat clearing and constant throat clearing. I know she can’t help those things but my disorder has been becoming more and more intolerable. Recently my spouse had dental work but it’s incomplete due to our expenses so we have to wait on a more expensive surgery. Meantime for the last year or so every time she eats immediately after she begins picking her teeth or flossing with those disposable plastic floss sticks. She tends to snack a lot between meals so she’s literally picking her teeth just about every hour or so! I told her it annoys me but no changes have been made. I’ve began eating at a separate table, and while that helps a little, as soon as the meal is over and we watch tv or are in the living room the teeth picking starts. Sometimes she does it on and off for like 20 minutes! When she’s off from work and we spend the whole day together I dread mealtime or when she grabs a snack because I feel like I’m spending the entire day and night being subjected to hearing her pick her teeth! What can I do? Before the whole teeth issue I enjoyed spending time with her now I just brace myself for when she pulls out that pack of floss! Anyone else suffering similarly? Help please. Suggestions???

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        I know how you feel. A family member who I visit on a regular basis picks their nails and toenails and bites their nails. It is constant and never stops. The person does it even when eating and it makes me sick. I dread being with the person because of this. It is so unfortunate because the person knows that it drives me insane but does not seem to care and does it anyway. It is too sensitive to say anything as it would start a fight with the rest of the family. I don’t really have any suggestions but I feel your pain. Since your family member knows it bothers you and mine does as well, I don’t understand why they would not make an effort to stop the behavior.

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        Michele Caldwell

          l feel like we are with the same person.
          My partner does the plastic picks or sucking at his teeth with his tongue after every meal and snacks. He eats often.
          l have sat down to watch a movie and he starts.
          l have started putting ear plugs in my ears with the sub titles on. l don’t want to eat a meal with him.
          The sound of him picking his teeth drives me crazy as he does it for a long time.
          maybe half an hour.
          lt has got to the stage that l want to walk away and be on my own after he eats.
          There’s a thing called mysophonia
          l think l have it bad.

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