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    I’m 32 now and I am at an age where I am beginning to reach the fork in the road of life where you must decide fairly soon whether or not you wish to have children, or be childless the rest of your life. I have never cared for children, but there have been a few in my life that tugged at my heart strings enough for me to consider it. Most of what I have disliked about children throughout my life is their unpredictability, their immense amount of energy, and more importantly, their NOISES.

    I have a particular aversion to repetitive sounds, which is why I can’t handle being around dogs. Unfortunately, every single one of my neighbors has at least two of them (one has five. God help me.) For this reason, it isn’t so much eating noises that bother me (contrary to most of the sufferers here), but coughing, laughing, hiccups, sniffling, sneezing and screaming (pretty much all human noises) all set off the alarm in my head and I can feel my entire body become tense. I have to leave the room when it gets really bad because I start hyperventilating and sweating.

    My husband really wants children and he’s been bringing up his desire to be a father a lot lately. It seems like one hundred years ago I could have simply taught my children to sit still and learn to just “be”, but nowadays parents are all about letting their kids run wild and “express themselves” to their heart’s content.

    I am worried that if I have a baby I will be inviting the stressful noises of the world outside into my home, and I will no longer have the sanctuary from it that I do now because I won’t be able to leave my child when they have a cold and are coughing for days and days, or running around the house doing that scream-laugh thing that they like to do.

    If there are any parents on here, please help. 🙁 I keep replaying potential scenarios in my head over and over and it’s pushing me away from wanting to be a parent, but my husband has his heart set on it, and I think that I will regret it later if I choose to not have at least one child.

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