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      First post, sorry if this has been mentioned before.

      Im finding it very stressful having any kind of conversation at the moment with people, even friends, family. To the point where i wish i was completely deaf.

      Its seems bridging words together and when needing to think about whats going to be said next gets filled with the word ‘like’! Im sick to death of hearing it.

      My work collegues are terrible, 6-8 times per paragraph, and when 3 of them are talking together i want to leave the room, i get hot! Itchy! Palpatations and just want to scream at them all to just shut up completely, ive called them out numerous times but they think its a joke and dont even realise they do it.

      Ive told my partner to try make an effort as she was always doing it so id avoid talking to her, luckily shes a good egg and has stopped which is briliant, but i still face this every single day.

      Im in a tattoo studio so talking is always going on, if my own customer does it I literally want to pack my stuff up and leave, its rude to put my earphones in but when i can get away with it i will, then get mocked by the other artists. They dont get it, and at that point i couldnt care less.

      Seems to be more of an american thing that is picked up as a silly habit from tv or if they talk to someone from over there.

      Just wanted to get this off my chest.
      Thanks for reading.

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        Fortunately, I do not experience this problem in my personal or professional relationships currently. However, there are television shows and movies that I have to turn off completely due to the overuse of the word like. I wonder if people know how much they actually say it in a conversation. I wish I could send them all to a public speaking class. It drives me insane.

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