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      This is not about complaining about noisy neighbours. This is about people living in same area as me getting on with their lives – but i can hear it! if i can hear my neighbours in their garden then my anger rises to 150% and i just feel i’m gonna blow. i can’t relax. Same in public spaces if i can hear people near me – and it has ruined camping for me as i’m just so tense constantly. it makes me feel so extremely vulnerable and insecure and my reaction is anger and hatred. i find it so hard to live with – just wish i could mellow out and let people be – anyone else get this?

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        I have the same issue! Last night my neighbors, who are very nice, btw, were playing music I think from a car in the driveway. At first it was annoying, then I flew into an angry rage and my family just thought I was crazy for getting so, so angry. I then realized this is a longtime problem…every time I hear bass or music playing outdoors when I am indoors… which makes me despise summertime in my neighborhood. The weird thing is that if neighbors are playing music in their backyard and I am outdoors, it doesn’t bother me as much. I boil over when hearing music through my walls or windows! We are not the type of family who lives in a home with air conditioning running all the time. We love letting fresh air in with wide open windows! But over the years I have had to live with air conditioning on, a fan running and headphones always on. I work from home so at least i have a dedicated window air conditioner and can find peace in there but if I have to leave my office to go to another part of my home where I can hear music playing outside, I can boil over in seconds! At least now I have a name for this problem. Just glad to find this forum.

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          Gosh, I can relate to both of you! It is really disheartening isn’t it? Everyday, I question whether I can continue life like this.It has definitely gotten worse in the last decade of my life, I am now 45.
          I live on 1.5 acres, out in a small bush town but still, noise angers me. It is like they don’t have the right to make any noise at all. Especially machinery and chainsaws, especially during Winter, which is now in Australia. I have explained the condition to my fiancée and he says he understands but I am unsure if he does. I feel a bit better now I know it is a neurological condition but you just can’t be in control of others’ movements.I also relate to the anger that bass instills in me! I can hear it at night from miles away and I too despise summer and daylight savings (longer days)as there are more people outdoors and more parties going on. My headphones are also my saviour and I just have to do what I have to do to make it through each day

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            I am currently dealing with the same situation, neighbours having parties, playing music every night in the week. Can no longer relax in my own home, have been forced to wear earphones every night and have now developed an ear infection.this has got to be the most stressful summer I have ever experienced, if I didnt have my earphones i dont know how i would cope

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              Hi – I had no idea misophonia / related sound issues were a ‘thing’ until I started working in an educational support team last year. I am wondering if I have some aspects and the neighbour thing is really bad since Covid and working from home. I get very wound up in offices, but not so much with the typical eating noises, well not SO much. I live in a flat and have new neighbours. We have paper-thin walls. They let the doors slam and play guitar, all fairly normal but I have found my rage is wild. Also, children screaming when they are playing, machinery, cars, most things. I do have a LOT of stress generally but wonder if this is why, perhaps I’ve had it all my life. I write very detailed experimental music and I am VERY aware of noise. I understand about soundwaves and what travels where & how far, so the neighbour’s guitar resonates all round my house and I can’t escape it. It makes me cry with rage. I’ve stuck my fingers in my ears but then I can feel it. Even with headphones on I can hear it. He also walks on his heels which travels because it is bass and these are the longest sound waves. I also have very sensitive ears and find headphones are actually hurting too. I need to work in absolute silence. I can’t listen to music when I’m working as I can’t concentrate at all. I can’t find a way to get over it and my anger is sometimes scary because I do or may do things I regret. My heart gets faster and my teeth clench and I feel very unreasonable, but it is not related to the person, it is the constant noise. TBH it’s not even that constant but this is how I feel. I have been referred to the hospital for the sensitivity, but I need to find an answer. Perhaps it’s not misophonia, but I am so irritated and can’t ask normally for quiet because I feel like an idiot. I’ve not spoken to anyone about it yet.

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                Tonight I Googled “mental health impact of constant persistent repetitive sound noise” and came across Misophonia.

                I live in a 16 story residential building (on the very top two floors) I have been staying here for more than 15 years, it use to be a brilliant, well managed building where only post graduate and diplomatic core was allowed to rent (it belong to a technical university) but lately standards has slipped and ‘questionable’ people were allowed to move in.
                About a year ago, somewhere below me a person who plays the bass guitar moved in. They seem to record and compose as well which results in constant repetitive bass reverberating through my room. This is not necessarily a very loud sound – although sometimes it is, but a low drone vibration that often make to windows in my bedroom rattle and hum. The exact source of thee sound is also impossible to pinpoint. I have walked the front halls to try and identify where it comes from – but it only seems to be obvious from the back side where the bedroom and balconies are.
                The building manager tell me they are allowed to make noise, and that I am the only person who complains. Even though this is against the law in my country, I have no mechanism to deal with this issue.
                I feel totally helpless and anxious and I go into fits of pure unbridled rage.
                The bass never stops, not even in the sanctity of my bedroom, with ear buds or my music playing helps to drown out this sound. I’ve started to get stomach ache and heart palpitations.
                I’m at the end of my rope – I cant go anywhere else and many times I feel like the only way out is to end my life

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                  I get really anxious and angry about neighbours playing music to the point that I constantly worry about it before it actually happens. My partner cannot understand it as she barely hears it. She has has to stop me storming round in a fit of anger on many occasions. And it’s not just 1 specific house: it’s anyone that is playing music that I can hear. I’m on constant guard listening out for it. Am dreading the summer when it all starts up again as is just dominates my life at home. Same when we go on holiday anywhere. Have leant to cope with other triggers which still bother me but nowhere near to the extent music does. It drives me and my family mad! Headphones help but I just crave peace and quiet

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                    Wow. I get this so badly. I despise the sound of any music that is not meant to be shared. I also feel I am hyper sensitive to it. Like super human hearing. My wife can never hear and easily ignore most of the incidents that drive me crazy.

                    My otherwise nice neighbours play music that Im sure they dont think is loud enough to be bothersome. all I get in my house is bass. even with the TV on. I get so full of angst over it.

                    Its happening as I type this which is why i looked up the subject. losing my mind.

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