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      I love my mom more than anyone in the world, but she also happens to be my biggest trigger. Does anyone else experience triggers with only certain people? For me it’s whoever i’m around most often (immediate family, close friends). Whenever I try to enjoy a meal with my mom it ALWAYS ends with her getting mad at me because I have to leave the room in order to contain myself. No matter how many times I tell her about Misophonia she thinks i’m just being dramatic (and she’s a therapist). How can I get her to understand what’s going on in my head?

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        Hello Erin,

        I really feel for you even though I am the other side of the pond, as it were. You don’t say how old your mum is. Mine was 90 when she came to live with me and my husband. She was often my trigger, and had this sort of grunting noise whenever we ate together. I would ask her why she was grunting, but she would call it breathing. It used to drive me mad! I think it is perfectly ok to walk away from a situation that triggers negative reactions in you as a person, even if you make some excuse as to why you might be leaving the room. Sadly, my mum died last month and, in a way, I feel as though I would put up with any amount of grunting just to have her back. But I hope you find a way through your situation and manage to come to some kind of happy compromise. Wishing you well, Sarah

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          Hi Erin,
          My mom can often be a large trigger of my too. I love her a lot, but the way she breathes really loud or eats really bothers me. Thankfully my mom understands. What we do uasally is watch tv while eating. The tv will often drown out trigger noises. If your mom dosent let you watch tv, maybe play music in the background. While your eating concentrate on the music in the background.

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            Hi Erin,
            I have the same problem with my mom. Thankfully she understands. We often watch tv and it drowns out the trigger noises considerably. If tv is not an option, try playing music in the background while you guys eat. Concentrate on the music.
            Hope it get better 🙂

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              What does she do which sets you off?

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