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    It wasn’t until last week that I discovered my affliction had a name! For years, I’ve had had big issues with hearing people chew … especially popcorn at the movies, people who pronounce “and” as “andt,” people who start every sentence with “So…” etc.

    My current miso nightmare is this: I work in a small five-person office and my desk is eight feet from the bathroom. We recently hired a new receptionist and she is not only loud and talks over everyone (even louder), but her diet consists of water, some “seaweed-type” mixture and fruit. She appears to be anorexic. Anyway, this woman goes to the bathroom about 10-12 times each day and has the most disgustingly loud, explosive diarrhea. ALL DAY LONG! Everyone in the office can obviously hear her “go.” I know it’s a normal bodily function, but the frequency and volume is just too much to handle. She MUST know we can all hear her, yet makes no attempt to be quiet.

    I spoke to the bosses and they said, they hear her, too, but it doesn’t bother them. I told them, I can’t take this any longer. They said I could “do whatever I felt I needed to do” (excluding saying anything to her). I’m trying earplugs for the time being. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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