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      I work for a small family owned company. My desk is in a quiet back corner. My boss wants to move me next to a co worker who happens to be my biggest trigger. He really just wants to make sure all our computer screens are viable to him. Hes very paranoid. I have told him in the past that I have misophonia and asked him to do something about the noisy coworker. Today when he told me he was moving me I said I cant sit near her with this condition. He told me to deal with it or get another job. So I have any recourse? We have a vacant open office and two vacant desks. There is no reason to move me.

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        Are you based in the UK? If so visit your GP and explain to them that you need a letter detailing your condition and what “reasonable adjustments” your employer could make for you. Your employer will need to show that your request to not sit next to that person is unreasonable and with a letter from your GP they will have a very hard time doing that especially with empty desks in the room.

        If you have over two years of service in the organisation and your boss does not agree to reasonable adjustments then you could claim that they have forced you out of your job and make a claim for constructive, unfair dismissal

        If you have HR explain the condition to them – they should understand the need for making reasonable adjustments.

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          What kind of noise is it? Is it everything or just certain noises?

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            Im in the US. I did get a note from my doctor, I was moved anyway. The noises are chewing loudly, constant throat clearing, sniffing, heavy breathing, and when on the phone every other word is a blood curdling UMMMM. And I do not exaggerate!

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