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    Angel Dolcio

      Okay this might sound very bitchy but I don’t know how to express this but, I cannot stand mouth noise (mainly saliva crackle, it drives me NUTS!!!) so I can’t watch youtube videos without having the anxiety of the video I’m gonna watch is gonna have mouth noise. Like I have unsubbed from a few of my once favorite youtubers cause of this. I think Youtubers should edit out their mouth noise in videos (there is technology for it! Why can’t they use it??? Stop being lazy youtubers!!!) Like if it sounds like your spit is drowning you I don’t wanna watch your videos. It’s gotten so bad I am making a list of youtubers who have mouth noise in their videos to warn fellow people with misophonia to beware of these youtubers who have it. Like I miss Illuminaugttiii(sp?) so much but her having spit clicks in her videos just triggers TF outta me. And Atrocity Guide too, I loved her video on Breathanarians(sp?) but her mouth noise makes me wanna stick ice picks in my ears. Can’t forget SomeOrdinaryGamers he’s funny but he sounds like he’s drowning in his own saliva when he speaks. This has gotten so bad that I watch how I speak in order not to produce this noise cause I don’t want others to feel annoyed by it cause I am annoyed by it. (I like to treat people how I wanna be treated, I don’t do X cause that annoys me so I don’t wanna do X to annoy other people. Cause I care about that shit unlike the rest of humanity.)

      Anyone else go through this? Or am I too hypersensitive about this? It feels like I’m the only one in the world who goes through this. I have never met another person who can hear these things. It makes me feel like I’ve been taking crazy pills or something.

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        Angel I know exactly how you feel. I had to move seats in church today since this lady was making sucking sounds with her mouth. She wasn’t even eating. I wanted to rage. And the candy eater messing with his plastic wrappers don’t get me started.

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