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    Paul A

    Dear All,

    I am a seasoned Misophonia sufferer. I am one of those who only found out after decades of enduring it that it actually had a name and that there were 1000’s of people all over the world who were also affected by it. Knowing that I wasn’t crazy and that there were others was a weight of my shoulders. Not a cure, but at least I had an idea of what I was dealing with.

    My post today is about finding other sufferers close to where I live in Germany. My social life has been completely destroyed by Misophonia and while a cure or treatment would be the ultimate goal, a little bit of happiness is a good place to start. In fact It is essential.

    You see, the loneliness is killing me. I turn down invites to dinner all the time and have done for years. My last relationship was almost completely destroyed because of Misophonia. I always eat alone and I am always alone because I know that If do any activity with anyone else, then I would always have to give them the list of things they cannot do, like: No whistling, no chewing, no humming, definitely NO eating, no pen tapping, no knee bobbing. I have visual triggers too but that’s a whole different post.

    To give this list to someone who you are about to spend some time with is asking a lot. Most of the time it’s enough to scare them away. However, with another Misophonia sufferer, they would understand immediately. Sure, you might both have different triggers but the understanding is there and there is no need to feel shame about it and you could support each other.

    I have spent hours searching for forums to find other sufferers close to Germany but I have had no luck. If you know of any website, please let me know.

    Of course, feel free to reply to my post anyway to share any thoughts or just to say hello 🙂

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    Nelly S

    Hey Paul!

    If you have facebook, there is a german Misophonia Group with over 1.000 Members. There you can probably find people living in your area. The members are quite active so there are new posts every day.
    The groups name is “Misophonie DE”. It’s a closed group but it’s easy to get in.


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    Hallo. Meine Tochter 14 Jahre alt leidet an Misophonie. Wir kommen aus der Slowakei, leben in Österreich. Ich habe es erst von einem Jahr erfahren – von Internet, dass es einen Namen hat was Sie hat, sie sagt, es hat ungefähr in ihrem 9 Lebensjahr angefangen. Bei uns ist das jetzt wirklich sehr schwer gewesen, weil ich einen Sohn bekommen habe und die Tochter triggert sein schreien und mittlerwiele auch seine Stimme. Ich habe angst um die Zukunft meiner Tochter.

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    Where abouts in Germany are you?

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