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      Just came across this forum. I’ve had Misophonia since I was around 9. I struggle with it daily. People think I’m being mean/bossy and they don’t understand what it’s like living with it.

      My thing mostly is repetitive sounds. Breathing, chewing, ticking clocks, tapping etc. It’s almost as if there are no other sounds and I can hear the repetitive ones 100x normal volume. My fiancé and daughter are always in the firing line. I tell them off for breathing or eating too loudly. I try to explain to people that feeling that comes over me, it’s like an infuriated rage but it’s hard to explain.

      I’ve just come back from a holiday. I spent most of the nights awake as I could hear my sister’s partner snoring in the apartment next door. One evening I sat on the balcony to read a book but had to come back inside because I could hear someone a few apartments away eating crisps.

      I also can’t bear hearing myself. If I’m chewing or crunching, I get annoyed. Even if I can hear my own heartbeat, it sends me mad. It puts a strain on relationships with people and I’m constantly being told I’m a drama queen or that I’m too bossy but I can’t physically help it.

      I’m 30 now and I didn’t even know that Misophonia was a thing and that other people suffered too up until a few years ago. I’ve been wearing earplugs to bed since I was a child, I rarely sleep in the same bed as my partner as he’s a snorer/heavy breather and even the ear plugs don’t drown it out. I wish I could try and focus on something else when I hear a trigger noise but it rarely works and it’s all I can hear.

      I assume there’s not really and “cure” as such. But are there things I can try to help stop me from this ruling my life? It makes me so miserable.

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