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      Hi all, firstly I wanted to say thanks as I find it very comforting to know I’m not alone in this and I find it fascinating hearing other perspectives and coping techniques.

      I don’t mean for this to be brazen self-promotion but for those in the UK or who have access to BBC iPlayer I have a short animated film available to watch at the link below.

      I have always wanted to make a film about my experience with Misophonia, I am an almost textbook case and felt huge relief when I was able to identify the condition around 6 years ago now. I have tried to make a film that can function as an explainer to people who might not be aware of miso or are interested to learn more about it.

      So far I’ve had some fantastic responses but the best part for me has been people close to me who are now opening up about their own experiences or have gained a better understanding of what it is I go through.

      Obviously the film will be triggering for those who like me find eating noises particularly troubling (imagine how I felt working on it for months!) However if you are able then please do watch and share the video, I’d be interested to know if it reflects your experiences or helps to explain how you feel to those around you.

      Take care,

      The film can be viewed here:

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        Hi Daniel

        Nice clip, thank you. Have you done more since?

        I suffer a lot (and have done for 20+ years), but in my case, only people that I have a strong relationship with i.e. parents, relatives.. trigger. Listening to the same annoying sounds done by a total stranger doesn’t do anything to me.

        I am worried I have a deeper psychological condition and perhaps not miso..? In your case is it worse if the noises are performed by a relative or family member?

        I would love more discussion on this topic. I’m going to read more on the website in the meantime.
        Is there a proper cure? Or is the only cure walking away, which is of course not ideal?

        Thank you for reading

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