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      I just recently found out I have Misophonia (Sound sensitivity syndrome). My issue specifically is when people breathe loud and exhale loudly or even a loud sigh. I also hate when children cry loudly and when people eat loudly e.g., smack on their food and eat with their mouth open and after they drink something, they exhale loudly like, “Ahhhhh.” I always knew I had a sound sensitivity issue but never knew there was a name for it, let alone, finding out it is a psychological injury.
      Me and my mother never really had a good relationship because she is bipolar and narcissistic and I was the person who called her out for her contradictions, manipulations, lies, outbursts, her over-exaggeration and her inflated sense of self-importance. And if you know anything about narcissism, they dislike people who call them out for their bull. And if you expose them for the unbearable people they are, they will punish you like lie on you or talk badly about you to others. When you live with someone like that, some times, every little thing they do annoys you. A lot of things she did annoyed me but what really caused me distress was when after she drank something (even if it’s a little sip), she would exhale extremely loud. If we were ever in the same room, and she had a drink and took a sip, I would cover my ears. If I didn’t, I would get this unbearable feeling of either disgust or anger. Even if she bent down to pick something up or reached for something, she would make such an unattractive sound, I didn’t even want to be around her.
      Currently (at age 24), I work for the county, and this lady in the cubicle right next to me does IT ALL DAY! It makes me angry just thinking about it. She does it when she puts her coat on, She does it when she drinks something, She does it when she reaches for something, She does it when bending down, She does it when simply walking straight. Hell, She does it just TO DO IT. The lady in the cubicle has definitely made my sensitivity sound syndrome worse for me. This morning, she has giving me some reports and instead of handing them to me, she decided to place them in on top of my desk drawers (which you have to reach for), and she exhaled loudly in my ear. I got angry, I started quietly crying at my desk. My boss asked me what was wrong and I couldn’t tell her because I struggle with the idea that maybe I’m just mad at something that isn’t a valid reason to be angry at.
      I completely understand that neither of them can help it. But to be completely honest, that kind of behavior coming from them is inconsiderate and sloppy mannerism. My mother doesn’t do much cleaning and disinfecting which is lack of home training and my co-worker has said many times, she a hillbilly. And hillbillies are known for also have lack of home training, sloppy mannerism, and don’t live in the most clean environments. She even sneezes and coughs IN HER HAND. I play music on radio.com to try to drown her a bit but it isn’t successful.
      I don’t know what to do. Each day gets worse. I don’t know if I should talk to her about it and if I do, how? I don’t even know how to deal with it. My co-worker is such a sweetheart and I like her but it drives me crazy when she does it. Does anyone have any helpful tips?

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        If you dont want to talk to them then you can get a pair of noise canceling headphones it works.

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