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      As a long term follower of this site I just wanted to share a recent revelation.

      I was diagnosed with ADHD in Adulthood and had a long and interesting discussion with the Doctor whether misophonia was a symptom or a condition in its own right. Having suffered with it for years I obviously argued the latter.

      Anyway, I’ve now been prescribed methylphenidate for ADHD and it’s made a massive difference to both ADHD and misophonia symptoms.

      I don’t understand the exact mechanism, but to my experience it seems like ADHD and misophonia (in my case at least) are an extreme internal irritation response to external stimuli. The medication has calmed down this internal irritation so I am much better able to cope with trigger sounds… to the extent that I can literally stand there and watch someone eating and not feel like running off screaming.

      I’ll add that the medication does not zone me out in any way.

      Just wanted to share in case this is helpful for anyone else.

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      Thank you Iam9man.

      It’s wonderful to hear that it has given you some relief!

      I just need to add, as a cautionary disclaimer, to people reading this that this not a proven treatment for misophonia.

      While Iam9man has noticed some positive results we do not know the long term efficacy of this drug yet or what the side effects may be (observed or otherwise). Also what may work for one person may have no effect or a detrimental effect for others.

      In summary: For anyone reading this, please talk in detail with your GP or doctor before you take medication for misophonia.

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        Thanks for adding the caveat, 100% agree.

        I should have noted I am not a medical doctor and this is only my personal experience after a very thorough assessment and diagnosis from a qualified and specialist ADHD doctor.

        As far as I know methylphenidate is not indicated or licensed for the treatment of misophonia, nor is it available to buy over the counter. In the UK it is a controlled drug so possession without a doctor’s prescription is against the law. Like all medicines it comes with a long list of contraindications and side effects.

        That being said, subject to all these same caveats, I am happy to answer any questions if helpful to anyone.

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        Thanks Iam9man!

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          At this point I would do anything to not feel broken

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            That is really interesting Iam9man.

            For many years I’ve been trying to understand why I’m how I am. No one thing explains everything I experience; it’s a combination of many. I do not really know where to start to research and unravel the complex and numerous problems that I have battled against over many years. I have won some battles (alcohol, social phobia) I am still struggling with others (depression, misophonia, avolition, [ADHD?] etc . . . )
            Your association of your misophonia with adult ADHD is something that I have contemplated myself although I’ve not explored either beyond reading and watching on the internet. I would love to did into these problems deeply & find something that would help. I got a long way through Imperial college’s selection prices for the psylocybin research trial but I think I’m too good at hiding my difficulties from others even when I don’t want to.

            Anyway, what I’ve written is all a bit of a jumble as normal so I’m sorry about that.

            It must be such a relief to feel that you have made such a life changing breakthrough and I wish you well for the future 🙂


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