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    Sarah Bellwood

      I’m an autistic woman with Misophonia. Most of the trigger noises are disgusting and cause tremendous anxiety. I have to get away from them. I can’t cope with gum chewing, horrible eating noises, nose and mucus noises, whistling, rustling etc. I also can’t cope with loud voices, amongst other loud noises. I’m not sure if the aversion to loud noise is Misophonia or autism. I find the classic Misophonia trigger noise Disgusting in the extreme but loud noise is physically painful and frightening. Clapping hurts in my chest where as very piercing whistling is especially painful in my head.

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        Hi Sarah,
        I haven’t been diagnosed autistic even though i do present a few traits of autism; never been an issue at school actually so never needed to go see GPs or anything about it.
        Do have misophonia for sure though. Reading the name all these sounds you mention make me suffer just imagining it. Worst to me are chewing (from eating or some evil soul enjoying a chewing gum haha) and slurping. Ugh! When someone eats an apple next to me it’s the end of the world.
        Also, i can’t cope at all with ASMR, it just hurts, makes me so anxious i have to escape from the sounds, or cover my ears.
        Don’t have any issue with the sound of a crowd clapping though, and whistling is ok i guess. I don’t really mind loud noises, it is a bit irritating when someone talks too loud or when TV is too loud but it’s definitely not something i fear as much as those irritating noises we fear (chewing, etc). Maybe it’s some extra sensitivity you have to loud noises that make it hard for you to cope with? Or maybe it is another side of misophonia i’m lucky enough not to experience.

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