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    Mark C

    Hello all.

    I’ve had Misophonia ever since being a small child. Of course at the time I was just treated as being weird when I asked my brother to stop breathing so heavily and moving his feet.

    Fast forward 30 plus years and the misophonia AND Misokinesia is still with me and it’s now my wife who I seem to focus on. She fidgets and my latest obsession is getting annoyed when she plays with her hair. It’s visual. There’s no escape. Headphones can’t help Misokinesia! When she eats or breathes heavy I could hide with headphones.

    I don’t want my marriage to breakdown that would be heartbreaking. How can I get over this latest obstacle. My misophonia and Misokinesia seems out of control at the moment. My brain is scanning everywhere! The other day my curtains were flapping and I was thinking ‘surely that can’t bow annoy mr too.’

    Thanks for reading


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    Hi Mark

    How are you?

    I have suffered from both (still ongoing I am in in my 40s) since I was a teenager. I can’t recall exactly what age I was when it started and which thing bothered me but I have quite a few examples. I have never told anyone. I only started to research it on the web a few years ago, back then I bookmarked this website only to come back to it in the last few days. I didn’t know it was a thing I thought it was just me.

    I’d be happy to share much more this is just to get things started. Have you told your wife you have this condition? (I haven’t told mine or anyone from my family, not sure how they would take it, if they would take it seriously..)

    Let me know if you (and others welcome) are up for chatting further.

    Take care

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