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    Hello all. I am new to this forum and this is my first post.
    I have been aware of my adverse reaction to certain noises for a long time; however, it has only been several years now that I found out that there a others out there who share that same problem. One day I just “googled” a bunch of words like “hatred of sound” and viola! That’s was when I learned what there is to know (or how little medical science still knows) about misophonia. The absolute worst triggers for me are not the subtile ones that we read about most like chewing sounds and candy wrappers crackling. What sends me into a pyrotechnic mood are those wretched leaf blowers that Americans have become addicted to and right next to them are loud riding lawnmowers, any vehicle with a loud exhaust, and the loud booming bass “music” that emanates from vehicles. I now work at home due to COVID and although I enjoy working this arrangement, this summer was hell because of the seemingly endless cascade of landscapers invading my neighborhood at all hours of the day. Next came the leaf blowers and now we ender into several months where these miserable machines will go into storage until the grass begins to grow again. What will not diminish are the “boom” cars. I cannot escape that low frequency hell even inside my house all closed up. It permeates the walls and I “feel” this as well as hear it. To make matters worst, I have a group of punks who rent a house across the street who begin beating on drums after dark. It goes on every night non-stop until way after midnight. I must sleep with earplugs in my ears. I will be sending a letter to the landlord and addressing this with the police. I am not the only neighbor whom this annoys either. In wrapping up this post, I have found that good quality ear plugs (I’ve been buying Hearos at Lowe’s and they help some. Some sounds still get past these such as high pitch leaf blower sound. In many cases, I plug up the ears with ear buds and play music I enjoy yo mask out the crap that infuriates me. I am generally a kind, compassionate, and easy going person but when I am subjected to people’s loud noise, I fantasize doing things to them that are too horrible to describe here. It actually frightens me that I even have such thoughts.

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    I also struggle with this, we live in a terraced house with thin walls and can hear the neighbours TV and radio. I don’t think they have it very loud but the bass from the speakers comes straight through the walls. I can handle so many other noises fine, even the busy road outside and nearby railway so I’m really unsure why this gets to me so much. As soon as I hear it I tense up and can’t seem to stop listening for it resulting in me getting increasingly distracted and anxious.

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    yes, I have this too.. It has very much limited me to where I can live. I have lived in a secluded trailer because of this. It’s funny, but every time I go look for a house, inevitably there is either a barking dog, kids trampoline, or bass sounds coming from the neighborhood. NOPE

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    Same here. Loud, bass-heavy music makes me enraged. I’m also a pretty gentle person most of the time! My fiancé and I had an apartment where the upstairs neighbor’s music was so hard for me to take that I moved out until we could sell the place. Cars that play that kind of music are upsetting to me, too – but luckily they usually aren’t around long. Loud music that doesn’t have much bass doesn’t bother me at all.

    Loud construction noises don’t bother me, either. We had construction on our building for six months, like jackhammering directly onto the outer walls of our apartment, and I would just roll my eyes and put on my noise-cancelling headphones and try to ignore it. But the moment the guy upstairs started up with his music, my heart would race and my whole body felt flooded with adrenaline and I fantasized about murdering him. It was awful.

    Feeling trapped beneath that booming, vibrating sound and feeling powerless to keep it out of my body, was torture. Unfortunately, loud snoring also triggers me, so I sleep with earplugs every night. I have no idea why those are the two things that disturb my peace of mind so much – crying babies, chewing, none of that really bothers me.

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    I relate 100%. I get enraged by cars, trucks, with enhanced mufflers for extra noise and just cannot fathom why someone would do that. I get a motorcycle for safety…but everyone else. 🙁

    My sleep life has changed with the $60 purchase of a small portable white-noise machine. I bought one called “marpac” on line and it’s saved my mental health. I no longer get woken up by mr.loud muffler etc. And panicked because I’m exhausted and now awake. Freedom from ear plugs every night. Not sure if would overcome extremely loud snorer in the same room, but does dampen the crazy outside world that disturbs your sleep. I wish I had one ten years ago when my MISO became disruptive to my sleeping health. If I don’t get a good sleep..MISO is worse, so all ties in.

    Side note: I am selling my home to move somewhere “quiet”, that’s how bad this is for me…


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    Lura P

    Unfortunately some cars that plow through my neighborhood have this going on and so do some outdoor parties…
    Fortunately, it doesn’t happen as often as I assume it does, but again, *sensitivity*. The cars also ROAR through and considering it’s a suburb, not particularly safe. In truth, once we found a sportscar in a TREE. No lie.

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    I feel relieved to know that I’m not the only one suffering with this. Yesterday we were sitting in a drive-thru and the car behind had his bass extremely loud. I felt like if I had a gun I would have shot him. These violent thoughts are what scares me, it’s irrational but I want to destroy the people who are making this noise. I also hate loud cars, trucks, motorcycles, any vehicle that makes excessive noise.

    I too want to move outside the city where I don’t constantly hear vehicles come and go. I don’t feel like my nervous system can take much more and I’m afraid of a serious breakdown. I currently wear earbuds at home 90% of the time and my husband says it makes him feel isolated and lonely. This condition SUCKS. I hate it so much, I just want to feel calm, normal, and be able to ignore most noise.

    I’m mostly triggered by traffic noise, eating sounds (but usually only if I cannot see the person), my husband’s constant nail-biting, foot or leg bobbing, a neighbor whistling (I hate him severely), and low frequency bass noise.

    I feel so tired of living this way.

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    I hear you all about the bass sounds. It spins me into an absolute panic! Where I don’t want to even be at my home because of it. I can’t relax ever. Also I find it has a huge physical response in my body. I shake, panic and then I feel rage. I just want to be able to relax and enjoy being outside with my family. I just want help to cope . My response is awful it feels like I’m being physically assaulted and I can’t get away! I don’t want to have to leave every time we are at the beach or park because some thought less person is playing their awful brassy music!

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    I am so sad to see that so many people are also dealing with this! I thought it would make me feel better to see but it does not. The noise that humans make without any consideration for other forms of life on Earth puts me into a blinding, painful, rage. Leaf blowers, mowers, jackhammers, that horrendous bass from vehicles and now even boats. It’s more than I can tolerate. I take it so personally- I consider it some sort of assault. I don’t ask to hear this. We are all subject to it.
    Machines of all kind are now the bane of my existence, where there is any human there is incessant, infuriating noise.
    I do not consider myself an angry person but I feel it getting exponentially worse by the day.
    I am afraid I will have to just walk around with earplugs in for the rest of my life to stand it.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you

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    I too struggle immensely with bass and low frequency sounds. To me, this is more than noise, I feel it in my body, like a vibration, and it affects my concentration and ability to relax. Unfortunately I have a next door neighbor who plays loud music with excessive bass, all day (8 am to 11.30 PM, even on weekends) and makes the walls/floor vibrate in the whole house. I moved in 4 months ago. The music can be heard one block away (is not just me, other people have complained ). The source of the noise is exactly next to the bedroom, and I had to move my bed to the basement where the noise is a little less intense. I am grateful to work from home, but I am seriously considering renting an office. I got very expensive noise cancelling headphones and they help (Sony), but can’t wear them at night in the bedroom because I can still hear the bass, or they get out of position as I sleep on my side – so I sleep in the basement…
    I asked the neighbor to please be considerate, explained how it sounds in my house, and that it affects me; they lower it for a few hours, but then back to the same. What advice do people have about noise ordinances/ law enforcement since this is a health issue. Apparently someone called the police, but this did not seem to work since this person plays the music loud again after they leave.

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